QUICK HITS: Game Preview Mail Dump

Random picture is random.

Random picture is random.

I use the term “Mail Dump” to subconsciously offer you the idea of sending in poop stories too, because I, like any other right minded person in this world, find poop stories hilarious. But this is also a reminder to send in your questions that will be shown in the Friday Masturbatory Game Preview. Any and every question is flagged for approval. Wondering why Percy Harvin can’t stay healthy? Curious as to where a hidden dining gem is in the Twin Cities? Want pictures of sexy Halloween outfits to spank to, specifically men? Wondering what the worst movie released this fall has been? Send all inquiries this way! E-mail is appropriate, because you can attach your pictures best in an e-mail (hint!). Our address is purplejesusdiaries@gmail.com .

We look forward to seeing how sick you all are! And make sure to offer your answers to the e-mailed questions in the comments when we address them tomorrow. Clear enough, berstreet?


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