Cook Injured, Childress Confident, Stupid

There was an amazing amount of calm coming out of Winter Park on Tuesday afternoon. It was surprising, considering that the Vikings had just received some very bad news surrounding their blossoming second round rookie cornerback, Chris Cook. It appears that the injury he had sustained in last Saturday’s preseason game against the Seahawks, which many at the time thought would be a minor injury if anything, turned out to be torn miniscus in his knee, potentially sidelining him up to four weeks into the regular season.

“Is it unfortunate for him? Yes, it’s unfortunate for him” Coach Childress said while reviewing offensive game tape from the New Orleans Saints, dating back to 1976. “But as you can see with this game tape, not many teams really run out more than two wide recivers, so I think we’ll be fine. We still have Antoine, who is quite healthy now, Asher Allen, who has had just a super mini-camp, and a wily veteran Lito Sheppard, who can step in if needed. But again, a three receiver set for an offense? This isn’t some wacky future here, fellas, this is NFL football. We run the ball in this game.”

While the first half of the schedule appears daunting to NFL fans in 2010, with the aerial focused Saints, Brandon Marshall in Miami, and another receiving star in Calvin Johnson all within the first three weeks, Childress appeared to be unconcerned, simply stating “I know offense when I see it, and I’m not worried yet.”

Childress was unavailable for comment however, after offensive coordinator whispered something in his ear about “2010″, “sometimes five receivers” and “let me call the plays”. Regardless, the Vikings cornerback situation appears as unsettled now as ever.


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