Dear God No
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I clamor a lot like an total a-hole around here talking about the purity and sanctity of the Minnesota Vikings uniforms. More specifically, I talk about how aroused my penis gets when the Vikings wear their throwback uniforms and how I threaten to shotgun blast my television when they pull out their modern circus leotards. Things have gotten progressively worse this season as the Vikings have now started to wear their purple pants alternately as well. They went all purple against the Cardinals two weeks ago, and then uncustomarily broke them out last week in Chicago on the road as well.

As much as I despise those abortion pants and tops, I have to say that these most likely propose fan made iterations definitely take the cake of things that make my genitals weep. By now, these mock up uniforms have floated around the webz for a couple of days now, and they started long ago with the announcement that the NFL was going to move from Reebok to Nike in 2012 as their uniform provider. In doing so, some person who apparently is homosexual decided to mock up several different Nike “Pro Combat” uniforms, which Nike has done for several teams in college football including Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, and many more.

Again, these aren’t real. They are fan made and the only thing Nike will do to the uniforms is make them lighter weight and easier to breathe. With that being said, I can’t stress enough how ugly this creation is. The person that made this also made many mock ups for several other teams. The only other NFC North squad that got mocked was the Lions, which I have included after the jump, but if you want to see them all follow this link. However, don’t say I didn’t warn you that you may end up stabbing out your eyeballs, because they are hideous.
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