Of Course Favre Would Go on Leno

Oh, hey everyone. Did you forget about Brett Favre? Are you still (hopefully) feeling super sorry for him because of his little ankle and hamstring owie? Remember how he released those pictures so that you’d feel bad for him after he tried so hard to win out there? So you’d stop calling him a choking bastard that ruined the season? Well, you can go back to hating his black soul because the matchup of talentless, soulless, bland and intolerable cock washers that only Satan could love is finally going to happen as Favre has been scheduled to make an appearance on Jay Leno’s return to the terrible Tonight show.

I know. Try to contain your excitement.

You may be wondering; will Leno finally develop some balls and ask the tough questions that would make a nursing home resident blush? Or will he ask the generic questions of an early time slot fearing slut bag that is simply trying to coerce his guests into a potential late night tryst after he treated them so amiably? If you can’t tell, I fucking hate Leno almost as much as I fucking hate Favre, and the fact that these two elephant sized gashes are going to be sharing screen time almost forces me to stab the baby panda bear sitting next to me. It was probably inevitable that these porridge eating Sally bags got together to talk about nothing, but the worst part is that it is going to entice a bunch of curious Favre cock boys into boosting Leno’s ratings, even though Favre won’t share any kind of pertinent information on last year debacle or next year’s potential heart break Seriously. Here’s what will happen:

Leno: So, eeeee, Brett, you thinking about playing again next year buddy?

Favre: Oh gosh durn, Jay, I don’t know iffer I really wanna talk bout dat …

Leno: Ok, ok buddy, nothing controversial here! Let’s go race some cars and bathe in our slut money!

Fucking morons. I hate that this is happening and I hope they both die in acidic placenta juice that’s been exposed to radiation. Jerks.


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