Pat Williams is a Thousand Times Sexier Than You

I always pretend that I’m surprised when I find these types of postings on Packer blogs, but then you stop and think about it and you’re like, “Oh, Packer fans are fucking weird, closet homosexuals, and obsessed with people that are better than them” and that’s why you find out that they talk a whole lot about Minnesota Vikings players like Pat Williams who apparently wears a thong on game days.

Assuming I embedded this video correctly, let me just say uh, hell yeah. Look at that sexy mother fucker. Pat Williams is like forty years old and fat as fuck, and he’s rocking a black thong under his elastic pants because he’s COMFORTABLE with his sexuality. How comfortable? Comfortable enough to seduce jealous Packer fans and their pig wives when they hear the sound of his bushy inner thighs rubbing together while he walks towards them with a rapier smile. That’s called confidence, biatch. And at least he’s not dry humping his teammates under the illusion called “tackling drills.” Good try, gay-bos.

Imagine how that thing fucking smells.


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