Quick Hits – Vikings at Jets Coffee Talk Points


This isn’t your full game review which I usually do after a game day, because, believe it or not, I have to wake up early for a real job. Combine that with the fact that the Vikings rain delay pushed the ending of this game back to midnight, and four hours away from when Brett Favre usually wakes up, there wasn’t any way I would have been able to provide you with the proper coverage, features, Mushroom Stamps, and dick jokes that this game so rightly deserved. HOWEVER. Check back later this afternoon and it’ll be up then.

Before that happens though, I did want to toss out some quick talking points to hear from people just to see what felt or thought about last night’s game. After the jump are some of my items, but feel free to add yours too. Please, no pictures of your penis, however.


- I enjoyed greatly seeing Randy back in purple. I was pretty sure he was going to squirt a water bottle or pimp slap a team mate at some point in the first half because the offense was playing like a butthole, but it never happened. Has he matured? I doubt it. But it was still enjoyable. Also, these new uniforms make him look like shit, and I blame Brad Childress for that for some reason.

- The touchdown between him and Favre was clearly out of control. And titilating. Just a veteran push off, effortless catch, and a gangster strut. BAMF.

- At one point during the game, my wife mentioned that Randy Moss looks like either A) a drug dealer, B) a rapist or C) Antoine Dodson. I don’t disagree with any of those.


- It was raining Favre ejaculate for a while on the field at the end of the second half, and that was totally awesome. There needs to be more football games consistently played in shitty weather, at least where I get to sit and watch it from the comfort of my own home in pajamas.

- Commentators kept talking about Favre being distracted because of Jenn Sterger. Sorry, but the only way she could distract anyone would be if she decided to put a shirt on. Oh, hey Jenn, I didn’t recognize you outside of the bukakke!

- The defense is pretty fucking stellar, for the most part.The offense should feel like a bag of tampons, especially after a bye week. Dick heads.

We’ll have more later. Get to talkin’. See you this afternoon.


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