Saints Chatter that’s a Bunch of Poop

There is a lot of bullshit going around as nerds all over the internet feel like it’s there job to start chatting up the NFL season opener, the Vikings and the Saints game tonight. While I’m sure you’ve come across some poop garbage yourself, we here at PJD felt it was appropriate to share some of the asinine chatter that we’ve come across, all in an effort to get you pissed off to just the right temperature by game time. So let’s start from a quote this week from Saints DE, Alex Brown, who had this to say, according to alexmarvez, some rando who runs a Twitter account:

NO DE Alex Brown on Favre cheapshot claims:We’re going to hit your quarterback. If you don’t want us to hit him, protect him. Block for him.

Fair enough, Alex Brown. How about this? If you don’t like being called a fucking idiot of a failure and being released from one team to the next because you play like a pile of fried shit on a stick, than make a fucking tackle and get down on your god damn knees and suck the life force out of Drew Brees in thanks for having him win your sorry ass a Super Bowl ring, you choad tickler.

Wow. I’m getting wonderfully upset already. Let’s keep going …

From VikingsNow on Twitter, they’ve compiled some quote from Darren Sharper in reaction to Brad Childress’ admittedly vagina-like comments about the Saints players hitting Brett Favre last year:

Sharper, on if Childress’ complaint of foul play was gamesmanship to get NFL’s attention: “I don’t think he knows how to do gamesmanship”.. Sharper cont: “I think it’s just someone that’s bitter because they lost a game they wanted to win.”

Sharper, I can’t tell you to go fuck a seahorse enough times. You’re going to preach to someone about gamesmanship? …. Really? …. REALLY?? Like, are you and Kieth Brooking going to do it? Talk about bitter, you’re the asshole that cried to Roger Goodell after Shanko called you a terrorist pig, taking it all seriously. Take a joke, you fucking hack. Maybe if you wouldn’t have taken worse angles than a third grader in geometry class the Vikings would have re-signed you. Talking about being bitter … you fucking ass clown.

I am sure there has been more that you have either come across or heard of yourself. Feel free to add it in the comments. Also, if this doesn’t leave you appropriately angry, then nothing will:



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