The Chilly Report Guy is Kind of Funny

I don’t know if anyone has ever watched this guy who does a video series called “The Chilly Report” or not, but he makes me smile in a mild way, as if I just watched a new episode of the Simpsons and creased the corners of my lips in an upward manner that resembles a soft smile, except I’m not really laughing at the current joke but mostly wistful memories of yesteryear when the Simpsons made me almost cry in bliss. That kind of funny.

Anyway, take some time and watch this video this morning. He breaks down the top 16 worst Childress moments. Worst one for me? When he was hired. Let’s flip this though, and after the jump break down our top five FAVORITE Childress moments, in no particular order, when I genuinely liked the guy. Add yours in the comments.
1. When he grew out his playoff mustache, that looked fucking horrible, into a bad ass playoff beard during the 2009 season. I genuinely appreciaed Childress in a beard. Fuck the haters.

2. When he was one part of the triumvirate head that drafted Adrian Peterson. I was never so excited on draft day in my life. That was one of those moments where you were SURE that they Vikings organization was going to fuck up the draft pick somehow by taking Marshawn Lynch of Ted Ginn Jr or something, but they actually did something RIGHT. Amazing.

3. There was an interview Childress did with the Star Tribune last year or maybe two years ago where he let some reporter into his home and they had a nice sit down with his wife, him and the reporter on their deck. He was super candid, and it genuinely made me like him. I wish I could find it again to share it, but it was this interview that I’ll probably never forget and what will always remind me that Childress was, well, surprisingly human. It’s stupid he couldn’t be like that all the time. It’s funny, but sometimes people who study people are the worst at knowing how to decently act around people.
4. I wasn’t there, but I greatly enjoy the idea of Brad Childress at Lumberjack Days in Stillwater, MN, as he was in the above picture with his kind-of-foxy wife. If I recall correctly, he had just put his beer out of the picture to save face, but imagine if the picture would have been taken with him HOLDING it. People would have loved it! Especially if it was a Surly or a 4 Lokko.

5. I also like that he cut Marcus Robinson right before Christmas. Fuck Marcus Robinson. That move takes balls.

How about you? Put your honest to God favorite Childress moment in the comments before we forget about him forever.


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