Tweets O’ the Game – Down with the Ship Edition

OK, enough with all of this crying and slobbering snot bubbles on your wife’s thighs. Pick yourself up after the loss and the unconscionable release of Randy Moss like our friends Chris Kluwe did after the game, as seen in the Tweet above. Because if you can’t laugh about an All-Pro team going 2-5 your going to jam forks into your temples, and we just don’t want that to happen. So after the jump let’s get to this week’s Tweeeeeeeets O’ the Gaaaaaaaaammmmee!!!

…. They probably won’t be exciting enough to warrant that introduction, but it started as a typo which I decided to just go with. Read them anyway, OK?

We start with our blogger friend Nonpopulist, who had a rather blunt response for ANOTHER one of our internet friends, Qommie:

That’s asking a lot of Santa. RT @: @ I’m hoping the 2010 Vikings dressed up like the 2009 Vikes for Halloween this year.

No worse than asking for a trike, a pony, or for my father to finally come back home from the gas station. Either way, I appreciate Nonpopulist breaking the bad news to Qommie because I just don’t have the heart to do it. Next we have this little observation from APkrawczynski:

How great is this? So many fewer commercials for Vikings and Patriots. 4 series so far wo one

Going to be honest here, but I didn’t even notice this because I was super busy choking midget hookers out with used Target bags. Don’t tell me you just throw that shit out … You need to recycle, reduce, reuse, man! My question; is this because the game was a national game? Is that why you’d have less commercials, or doesn’t that make sense? Shouldn’t you have MORE commercials because there’s more people watching? Fucking Don Draper would figure this shit out. After one of Favre’s many brain rattling injuries, MNVikingsGuy had this to say:

Favre was involved in his biggest head shot since Jenn Sterger a few minutes ago.

YES! PENIS JOKE! That was a pretty good one. Although one COULD contest that the head in the Sterger shot wasn’t all that big, and the one Sunday afternoon was fucking BRUTAL. Maybe he just meant more in terms of awe inspiring. Athlete dong or rather routine NFL sack? It’s kind of a wash. Naturally, being a nationally televised game for the most part, we had lots of people chiming in with Patriots comments as well, which of course are peripherally related since they were playing the Vikings. xmasape even provided us with a picture!


Morbid, but probably appropriately retarded with the whole Halloween thing going on. Bobby_BigWheel got in on the action as well:

Toby Gerhart is playing against the Patriots. Naturally, Patriots fans everywhere are conflicted.

Hahaha, I laugh because it’s about racism and stupid white football players. And while we’re speaking of Toby Gerhart, what a fucking waste of a draft pick. Let’s just get that out there. Good character guys are for pussies. TheBigLead also chimed in on typical New Englander behavior:

No, they’re not RT @: You’re really going to boo Favre going off on a cart? Come on. You’re better than that Patriots fans

Fucking truth. But again, I was giggling in a giddy fashion as well, so maybe it’s just a thing people with the blackest of hearts do. … Scary to think I could have a beer with those New England fucks over our Favre hatred.

Finally, BabesLoveBaseball provided us with the above picture to sum up our season, and KarleeCupcake and Bryant McKinnie shared mutual internet feelings:

The feeling is mutual. RT @: Uuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhh!

How succinct.

And that’s all we have for this week’s Tweets O’ the Game. Remember, if you want in on the Tweets follow us on Twitter and make funny or offensive comments during Vikings games. Tweets like “I love Favre!” won’t get highlighted here, but Tweets like “I made love to Favre’s daughter who is kind of looking attractive with these 17 beers even though she had a kid and everything!” would probably work. Here’s a picture, just so you can judge for yourself. She’d be attractive, I guess, except all I see are interceptions when I look at her face.



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