What We’re Thankful For – The PJD Edition

It’s Thanksgiving today, and this is a fantastic holiday. You’re probably not even asking why because you agree wholeheartedly. You eat tons of carbs, watch football all day, and then just get wasted. What’s not to love? Well, let’s remember here that Thanksgiving is a time when the Pilgrims were starving in 1921, and the Native Americans drove up in their eco-friendly cars and offered them Hot and Ready Turkey pizza, which has since been discontinued unfortunately. But those Pilgrims were SUPER thankful for that Hot and Ready, which is the lesson here; find out what you are thankful for and share it with someone.

PJD’s list of things he’s thankful for is after the jump. Add yours in the comments! In the meantime enjoy my special photoshop and watch football! I’m rooting for the Lions! It helps our draft pick you know …

PJD is thankful for:

- Having a job, unlike Brad Childress. In fact, I have two jobs. Sucker.

- Having awesome people that read this blog and make comments that often make my dull middle of the days hilarious when I get an e-mail alert that someone left a comment that makes me giggle inside. INSIDE.

- I’m thankful that the Vikings are going to get back on the right track with a new coach and getting rid of Brett Favre starting in 2011. Maybe that’s a New Year’s thing, but whatever.

- UbiSoft, who is the producers of the video game series Assassin’s Creed. Those guys are fucking awesome.

- Knowing how to make the most kick ass mashed potatoes ever. The secret? White pepper!

- Purple Jesus wearing purple, even though he’s been stuck on a Brad Childress coached team forever.

- That one guy that bought one of the t-shirts I thought I was all smart and designed. You are a true gentleman.

- The (currently) 555 followers PJD has on Twitter. I don’t always talk Vikings football, which may hurt the follower count, but it DOES help the gay Twitter follower numbers! Really. I have so many.

- The (currently) 144 followers PJD has on Facebook. I know it’s Facebook, and Facebook is kind of stupid, but there’s some good interaction there too, and I appreciate it.

- People who understand dick jokes, internet memes, and sarcasm. Those people who scoff at it are FUCKING FAGGOTS. Notice: that’s the first time I’ve ever said that on this site because it’s SARCASM. Idiots.

- Sid Hartman. I love that old retard.

- Scotch

- Boobs

And the list goes on. But speaking of those last two (and football), I need to get back to doing … things. Enjoy your day. Hopefully I’ll have an Acting Cordial up later today with a Redskins blog. If not, maybe tomorrow? Either way, Friday we’ll be here with a game day preview, so come on back on you potential day off.

Enjoy the food trough.


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I once saw Paul Edinger kick a 56-yard field goal for the Minnesota Vikings against the Green Bay Packers to win a game in the Metrodome. It was exhilarating.