All Your Contests Belong to Feisty Fan
During March Madness, this here website ran a contest to see which one of our retarded readers could out-retard the other moron (or possibly retard). It turns out that we were all beaten by a GIRL! The winner, Feisty Fan, felt she was just winning, as she put it, “another competition I know nothing about” (F. Fan, 2011, personal communication). Her winnings? Publicly humiliating a bunch of people with penises AND winning a t-shirt of her choice from the PJD merchandise shop. She eventually chose the “Sadface” Cutler jersey-shirt, which seems to be the most popular winning item. Why do I say that? Because PJD Fantasy Football 2010 participant WisconsinRob won and picked the same t-shirt, which got us thinking …


Well, Rob said flat out no, but was comfortable forfeiting any recognition and accolades to Feisty Fan. My impression was that he just didn’t want to prove to the world that he had bigger tits than a woman. No hard feelings, but let this be a lesson to everyone who wins: If you send in pictures of yourself with your prize you will be awarded MANY internets. Particularly if you are a woman.

So congrats, Feisty, and thanks for the picture! Well played, and good sport. For the rest of you, we’ll be back this fall with some kind of contest. Hopefully fantasy football if the NFL stops being a bunch of cock burns, but we will easily come up with something else if need be to attract people to our store.


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