Don’t Worry Guys, Chris Weinke is Here to Save Pondexter!
OK, we may have overreacted a little bit to Pondexter throwing a pass a bit too high in a rookie photoshoot to Notre Douche, but can you blame us? It was clearly a horrible throw. I figured it was just a fluky thing though, maybe something that was needed to really show Rudolph’s extension, his ups, his GAME, and all that stuff for the photographers.

But no. It actually just turns out that Chris Weinke is now a contracted quarterbacks coach working with our malleable rookie. DEAR GOD, SOMEONE END THE LOCKOUT SOON!!

From the Star Tribune this week:

“[Weinke's] life took a new course, however, after he ran into a staff member of the renowned IMG Academy at a Florida State football game. That spurred a process that led Weinke to become director of the IMG Madden Football Academy, which opened last spring in Bradenton, Fla.

Known for its work with golf and tennis prodigies, IMG hired Weinke to help launch its football academy, which offers specialized camps and instruction for players at all levels.

His clientele includes a 13-year-old quarterback from Kentucky, high school kids hoping to earn a college scholarship and … Cam Newton, the 2010 Heisman Trophy winner from Auburn and recent No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft.

Weinke also began working privately with Vikings quarterback Joe Webb last week, and first-round pick Christian Ponder is scheduled to join them this week.”

Whoa. Back this train up. He’s not only messing with Pondexter but he’s screwing with Spider Webb too? Weinke, you asshole. What are you going to tell them, that it’s fine to still be developmentally a rookie at the age of 29 even though these guys will already have been in the NFL for six years by then? What’re you going to teach them? How to have a career winning percentage of 11? Float butterflies into defensive backs arms? How to be all old and stuff and go to Florida State? How you wish you were Joe Mauer?
Look, nothing against Weinke – I always comically enjoyed his time as a Panther, really just for novelty sake – but can we not have this guy screwing with Vikings’ QBs? Here’s more:

Weinke said Ponder, the No. 12 overall pick, is scheduled to train with him for one month and will get plenty of film study.

“”I’ll do the same thing with him [as Newton],” Weinke said. “There will be an installation of the offense, for him to get familiar with the verbiage and the concepts. We’ll take all that information and go to the field and apply all of that.”

Ponder and Webb are represented by the same agency, SportsTrust Advisors. Ponder received a portion of the Vikings playbook when he visited Winter Park after the draft. Webb got a copy of it when the lockout was lifted for one day. Weinke will help the two quarterbacks begin to learn Vikings offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave’s system.”

Whoa, Webb has the playbook too? Sit down Pondexter, there’s a new super-hero in town! All of a sudden you’re not the hottest piece of ass at the prom anymore, are you?

Either way, I GUESS I’m kind of happy with players still working in the offseason with this whole lockout, learning the offense, watching tape, evaluating themselves, getting third opinions, not working with Brett Favre. It’s more than I can say about others, like, you know, Bryant McKinnie.


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