Kicking In Some Support for Prostate Health
As we all know, Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robison “regretfully” kicked Green Bay Packers player, TJ Lang, straight into the gibblies during Sunday’s game. While uncouth and unfortunate (I guess … So says the media …), Robison has since appeared quite contrite over the incident, apologized to Lang on Twitter, had our favorite punter Chris “Warcraft” Kluwe make a joke about his strong leg on Twitter, and seemingly wrapped up the entire incident by getting his strong leg fined by the NFL to the sweet tune of $20,000.

All in all, it’s been a busy for our long-haired Moses looking friend, and we kind of feel bad for him. More so, we feel AWESOME for him, because really, how hilarious is it that he kicked a guy in the nuts? A Packer player no less? It’s very hilarious, is your answer, and as readers here will attest, was a time in history they will likely never forget, nor do they want to.

Therefore, Purple Jesus Diaries proposes action among our readers: We suggest creating a shirt (which we’ll post in the PJD market place in a couple of days with a follow-up post) to commemorate this amazing historic feat, with a posterized version of the image above and a popularly voted upon tagline (see after the jump) that people can buy, BUT, buy for a purpose. We’ll donate all proceeds from shirt sales to a local Minnesota prostate cancer research organization that we can find (or that Robison suggests?) in the name of Brian Robison and PJD readers.

Sound like a deal? Let’s figure out how to make this t-shirt awesome:
Early shirt slogan entries include:

  • Kicking away prostate cancer
  • Purple Prostate Kickers
  • Sack Hunter

And much more, I’m sure. We are open to further suggestions, so put them in the comments.

I would also suggest we pool together enough resources and mail Robison a shirt as well, so he can wear one under his jersey at all times.

Naturally, there will be female and male versions of the t-shirt, and it sounds like there will be a need for many different sizes. I sometimes forget that I live in Minnesota and there are a bunch of fat people around here, so we’ll need to make sure the sizes range from Small to “Take a F*cking Walk, Fatty.” Also, I believe in an effort like this there will need to be full customization in color, so be on the look-out for that as well.

Traditionally, I have also added “PJD” to shirt sleeves, but I feel that in an effort such as this it may be … poor taste … from this blog …. go figure.

So there we go. Got any other suggestions? Know of a good prostate group in the area to donate to? Let’s hear it, and thanks for the support!


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