PJD’s Second Annual NCAA Balls Out Tournament Update: She’s Sweet and Sixteen

Oh wait, PJD did a tournament bracket this year??! Well, shit yeah we did, where have you been?

Here’s a friendly little recap of the action of our fantasy games that for some reason don’t involve football after one weekend of basketball games:

1. So …. most of you are just terrible. I didn’t watch one game of college basketball this year outside of masturbating to the Gophers losing and stupid Gopher fans weeping out their dick holes, and somehow I am in the lead to win this stupid t-shirt I am offering. Well, in the lead, tied with five other people, technically. But these five other people have a far less chance of total possible points remaining, largely because they probably picked all chalk picks and had Syracuse winning or some other bullshit. Well, lesson number one in life people, everyone else is an idiot. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do if I end up winning this thing that I didn’t really try to win. Buy myself another t-shirt? I mean, I fucking LOVE t-shirts. Especially high quality ones like the ones this t-shirt shop has. Fucking t-shirt time is the way to roll. I have a purple PJD one and it really is just a fantastic shirt, not even kidding. I’d buy another one in a second for myself if you idiots don’t pick it up, so get moving already.

Also, who named their Yahoo! Profile “Go 81 hes the best”? Was that one of my retarded brothers? I’m trying to figure that out. Also, someone had a bracket name titled “Kiddy Grinder” which I enjoyed, as well as the return of Feisty Fingers and her bracket “Albino Finger Monkey.” So naughty!

2. Speaking of shirts, I added a new one to the shop that may pique some interest. It’s titled “Anyone But Brad” and has a picture of Les Frazier’s face, which pretty much sums up my expectations for him as a head coach. I will look into adding more if I have time. Also, if anyone else uses online stores for shirt creating and purchasing, do you have any other suggestions besides SpreadShirts? They limit you in the number of images you can upload and are super cunty about copy written likenesses and logos. I know Zazzle isn’t, and some others, but I’m not sure what the quality of their shirts are. As I’ve stated, SpreadShirt t-shirt quality really is top notch. And of course, I’m only looking out for you! Let me know what you think, and maybe some others who have won shirts in the past like Wisconsin Rob and Sweet Leaf can chime in to let us know what they think about the item won.

3. As for the brackets themselves? I don’t want to talk too much about them because this isn’t a college basketball blog. However, I will say Purdue can go fuck themselves for losing to a play in in VCU (sounds like a venerial disease), I had Pittsburgh losing in the Sweet 16 so that’s no big deal, I love fewer things in life more than seeing fans from the University of Texas weep openly, and Xavier sucks donkey balls. Your thoughts?

Complain about your bracket picks here, and make fun of that one guy who put Pitt winning it all. Good lord. Pitt??! You NEVER do that! That’s like thinking fucking your cousin once is OK. Or something. Still, really stupid, guys.


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