Play Date: Madden Updates for Your Minnesota Vikings Week Nine

Welcome to “Play Date: Madden Updates for Your Minnesota Vikings.” Every week guest author Matthew will provide insight on just how badly our team sucks in video games, as well as real life. He’ll break down offense, defense, special teams, and even offer a digital prediction for this weekend’s game (which of course won’t be happening this week, but let’s read on anyway). Let him hear your suggestions in the comments:

Hey guys it’s Matthew for your Bye Week Madden update.
Offense- The Good News: Finally, finally, finally the nerds at EA show some love to Purple Jesus. He’s rated 99 overall now. WINNING! The Ponder got a little stat boost and is up to 76. Should at least be 80 in my opinion and definitely 99 with his shirt off.
Defense-The Good News: The Terrorist and Erin Henderson increase to 80 and 75 respectively. But it doesn’t really matter since it seems like every week are defense goes down. Which brings me to my next point….
Defense-The Bad News: Our gold star on Defense dropped down to silver this week. Remi and Kevin both dropped down. Which can be problem when playing online against rush heavy assholes. Cedric Griffin lost some points which is understandable since he gets burned by everyone. Does anyone miss Chris Cook yet?
Bye Week Festivities: With the week off I’m happy that our team gets to rest and not lose. So it’s a win win for them. However since the Vikes won’t be on, I think eating junk food and watching The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air is in order. Before the show jumped the shark. Who’s with me on that?



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