Purple Jesus Diaies’ Bye Week Review: Vikings Don’t Play, NFL Has Amazing Weekend

So maybe you noticed that the Vikings didn’t play at all this weekend. In that free time you had where you probably watched other football games throughout the day, you may have noticed that there were some pretty awesome games played in the NFL. The Ravens made just a stupid come-back against the Steelers, the Giants dropped their fetal-alcohol QB pimp hand across Tom Brady’s pretty face, and even other kind of mediocre games like the Saints and Bucs seemed really important for some reason … maybe it was the Saints neat looking throwback uniforms. That was probably it … Really though, I think it was just because when November hits in the NFL for some reason, SHIT GETS REAL. Even for bad teams. Who did the Titans play? The Bengals? Oh, shit yeah, even that game was awesome! Rookie ginger QB Andy Dalton led an eye-opening come-back too! See? You could even take the Dolphins and the Colts, have them play at Cowboys stadium with free beer, and even THAT would be an awesome game.

All because it’s November football. And the best part about this week of November football? The Vikings didn’t lose! *fist pump* Don’t get use to that, however, as we’re back on the schedule. Next Monday. Against the Packers. Who are looking to go 9-0. Shit.

The Packers are just stupid good: If you live in Minnesota and are a poor person who can’t afford expensive cable packages that aren’t really worth their price, you were lickely stuck watching the douche-fest between the Packers and the Chargers. Did anyone know that the Packers had such a strong support network in San Diego? How the hell did that happen? I mean really, how did people who probably grew up in Green Bay find enough money to travel to the west coast? The only thing I can think of is they all enlisted into the military, eventually stationed in San Diego, started a family of a dozen hillbillies there, and then just continued cheering for the Pack. Stupid. Anyway, Rodgers didn’t look amazing in the first half of the game but then still came back to throw something like four touchdowns. The Chargers almost came back to beat them, and so far this year, they along with the Steelers are the only teams who have provided the Pack with any type of real competition. So that’s your bar of how you have to play against them: the Chargers or the Saints, and frankly, either of those teams would also whoop our shit good. So I’ll say our chances Monday night are looking slim, and as much as it turns my stomach to say this, the chances of the Packers repeating as Super Bowl champions is looking better and better. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ….

Hell on Wheels – My Review: Anyone else heard about this show? Hell on Wheels premiered last night on AMC after The Walking Dead and it looks to be maybe alright. A little back story: I’ve got a bit of an early-American chub going recently thanks to an INTENSIVE play-through of the video game Red Dead Redemption. If you’re unfamiliar, it follows John Marston through the American South West soon after the turn of the 1900′s as he tries to hunt down fellow gang members across some kind of Texas-y, Arizona-y, Mexico-y, type land. You shoot people, cougars, people, falcons, Mexicans, and ride horses and shit, and listen to an awesome soundtrack. Highly recommended. So I was interested in seeing how “Hell on Wheels” would stack up, and it might do OK. The show starts off in the Nebraska Territories, and I’m assuming they’ll move west. The opening scene is also of a guy getting shot in the forehead, and is then followed by a Native American getting an arrow drove through his throat, some guy has whooping cough, and an old Civil War hero gets his throat sliced by a newly freed slave. AWESOME. I’d check it out, if I were you. Next week. Or on Demand? You know, however.

I’ve had it with you, NBA: The NBA is in a protracted lock-out of it’s own, and it’s on some 100+-odd day which is really pissing me off. When football isn’t on, I enjoy getting lost in the basketball season or, if nothing else, the development (or often lack-thereof) the Timberwolves own players. I buy in to the hope when I totally shouldn’t because we all know that the NBA is totally rigged, but whatever. For some reason I still irresponsibly hold on to that magical Wolves season of 2003-2004 when they went to the Western Conference Finals. And despite KG turning into a total dipshit these days, he was the baddest mother on the planet back then. I’ll always hold fond memories of the entire CITY going ape shit over the Wolves that year. And it provided some great winter entertainment until summer came around and we could all go back outside. So that’s why I’m so pissed off at the NBA right now for the owners not taking responsibility for their own bad management and the players thinking they need more than $100 Million guaranteed contracts. I hae both groups of people in this scenario, and only want to see a young boy named Rubio make my pants moist. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?? Also, totally not weird, right?

Bye Week Quick Notes: Not a lot happened over the weekend Vikings-related (at least that I bothered to follow) but here’s a couple of semi-quasi-related Vikings and PJD items to discuss at the beginning of the week:

  • Anyone make the bacon-egg-muffins over the weekend? I did! They were easy and delicious. I also made wild rice soup – not cream based – but it was only mediocre. I’ll have to perfect the recipe before I pass it along to the denizens here.
  • It really chaps my hide that Bryant McKinnie is playing for the Ravens this season, and … I don’t know … MAYBE playing well. I say maybe because they are 6-2, but I have my suspicions on whether any of those wins should actually be credited to McKinnie. I doubt it. Also – McKinnie is playing in the toughest, most physical division in football. Comical, right?
  • I can’t believe the Dolphins won! They just pissed their chance at Luck straight down their leg. The Colts are still in that unfortunate driving seat for sure, as they got absolutely abused by the Falcons yesterday. And the way the rest of the league keeps sucking it up, I’m not even sure if over the next eight games the Vikings will be able to lose enough to pick in the top ten, or even have a chance at Blackmon. THAT, that would be devastating.
  • Towards the end of last week Chris DeGeate retweeted the “Bye Week Check-In 2011” post we had up. Earlier the week before, Chris Kluwe retweeted a Warcraft Wednesday post we had up. Guess which retweet brought in more page views? You are correct.
  • I don’t care what any of you say, LSU-Alabama was a MUCH better game than KSU-Okie State. Games with zero defense just suck, VIKINGS.
  • I don’t give two shits about hockey, but the Wild apparently have been winning. I honestly couldn’t name one player on that team. A French-Canadian, maybe?
  • I can’t wait for Assassin’s Creed Revelations to come out next week. That is all.

A weak bye week haiku:

“Is it a bye week,
If the dildos aren’t double?
If strippers stay home?”

We say nay. So thank god we’re back too a football week, and best of all, again, it’s Packer week! With the game being a Monday night game we modify the posting schedule around here a bit. There’s no Tweets O’ the Game this week, or game preview, as that gets pushed to Monday. Instead, we’ll be posting usual shenanigans, trash talk with Packer fans, breasts, shirtless men, causes for legal action, and everything else you’ve come to know and love. So stick around!


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