Purple Jesus Loves Assassin’s Creed



Everyone shut up and get out of my way because the newest Assassin’s Creed game was released today and you wouldn’t believe who else is playing it. Yes, our very own Purple Jesus starred in a commercial to promote the game, both in a slick ass commercial you see above and through an interview he offers after the jump:

If you don’t know what Assassin’s Creed is, it’s probably too tough for me to explain in a little synopsis. Why? Because the dick jokes in the game are few and far between (although there are plenty of sexual innuendos, which work all the same). Regardless, when you combine story, gameplay, art style, and multiplayer, this game is just bonkers.

Apparently Purple Jesus agrees. He recently hooked up with Ubisoft to promote the game and gave this interview below:



A couple of notes on it:

  • “I’m [Purple Jesus] .. as you can see.” Haha … He just UNDERSTANDS how amazing he is. Nice.
  • This was actually during a gaming session where four Vikings players competed against four Packers players in an online killing match. How’d we do? More on that in tomorrow’s “Warcraft Wednesday.”
  • I like how he calls himself “The Assassin” while on the field. I also like that he keeps that nickname to himself. It’s much more assassiny. Does he really call himself that? Probably not, but since he said it, I have to believe him. Why would he lie?!
  • Does he really play Assassin’s Creed? Probably not. BUT DON’T RUIN THIS FOR ME, GOD DAMMIT.

Anyway, I’m off to play this game now. You’ll be lucky if I tear myself away from this eye-gasm for a long enough time to write a piss-poor Vikings related post tomorrow. You know, for the four of you that read them.

And here’s the best trailer for the game released at the recent E3 conference. BALLS AWESOME!




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