Want to See Something That WIll Make you want to Maim, Kill, and Terrorize?



So you know how Packer fans and generally anyone from Wisconsin are the scum of the Earth? Well, here’s more evidence if you didn’t already know, courtesy of that backstabbing, can’t take a dick (or a joke) Packer fan bitches queef-core blog Packers Passion, that has a background color akin to a lime jelly delivered by your amnesiatic great aunt on Christmas. FUCK.

Going in to this weekend where the Packers head to Philidelphia to face the Eagles and lose in embarrassing fashion in the playoffs again, here are more reasons why these kids who made that video fucking suck at life, why Packer fans who can’t play nice should die in a moldy vagina, and why I hate their team in general:

http://purplejesus.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/packerfandicksuck.pngSuck dick much?
- OK, sure it’s a parody. Parody’s are supposed to be funny. This fucking isn’t. It’s a bunch of fucking cock sucking white boys wishing to god that at least their dick was black rapping to the whitest rap song you could pick out of a hat, and one they only know because it was in a movie about how much achieving the middle American white middle class dream is a bunch of bullshit too.

- Lambo Boys? I’m inclined to just say you’re a couple of retarded spellers instead of witty parodists, because you clearly would have spelled “Boys” with a Z then. Instead, now I just think you can’t even spell your own stadium’s name right.

- For those of you that follow Vikings blo drama (not me!), this lady’s blog was once the kind of intriguing Nasty and Nice NFC North blog that was a one stop spot for all NFC North team info, and actually had a unique voice in the blogosphere. Now it’s some cunt of a Packer fan talking about how she’d let Clay Matthews rub his clitoris all over her tits. Or so I assume, because I didn’t bother to read any of her shrill writing anyway. The subsequent Vikings side of this blog, The Purple Princess Perspective, has now moved as well. I’m sure both sides will tell the story differently, because that’s usually what happens when people slap fight, but clearly we take the Vikings side here.

- That’s her picture too, BTW. She’s a total hefer, but might have some nice chesticles. I’ll need more pictures to determine for sure one way or another. Kudos on that, then.

- I entirely expect butthurt Packer fans to come on here now and write things like “We’re in the playoffs and you’re not!”, “Nice empty Super Bowl trophy case!” and “How’s your grandpa quarterback working out?” These trash talking go-tos are both tired and uninteresting. Instead, let me disallow you from using any of these and instead offer these fresh takes, turned around, bashing Packer fans:

  •  Do you think Clay Matthews and AJ Hawk can reproduce?
  •  Which one of you homo fans is part owner of Mike McCarthy’s fourth chin?
  •  Do you masturbate into your Packer socks to get closer to the team, or is that sacrilege?

Up your game you fucking retards. I hope you all die on your way to Philadelphia this weekend, and then Danny Devito finger bangs your corpse. I’m not even kidding.


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I once saw Paul Edinger kick a 56-yard field goal for the Minnesota Vikings against the Green Bay Packers to win a game in the Metrodome. It was exhilarating.