Warcraft Wednesday: Forever Immortalized

If you were someone like Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, who dedicated (estimated) half of his life to the art of video gaming, 45% to life (including marriage, fatherhood, friends, drinking, et al) and 5% to work (stupid pro football always getting in the way), what would be the best way to be remembered by this transient world if, or when, you were to pass? Be inducted into the Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor? That seems more like a punishment … Maybe have your family buy you a bench in a park or a personalized brick somewhere? Cute, but maybe spend that money to feed yourselves? I GOT IT.


What you see at the top is a picture from Kluwe’s Twitter account, which is an image from a video, game, played on a TV and …. deep, yo. Anyway, Skyrim, which is a very popular video game that seems a little out of my element, has a hidden message for Kluwe within it’s deep bowels. The producers of the game, Bethesda Studios, are apparently moderate fans of the famous punters as we are, and decided to offer him a little treat in the most recent video game.

The message goes further, however. Whereas it does obviously say “Kluwe” right in the text, it also mentions an alternate title for this “fictional character,” Loate, which apparently is Kluwe’s character’s name in World of Warcraft, which brings us god damn full circle to Warcraft Wednesday. Sweet jesus … sometimes things just work out that way.

It’s a nice touch to someone who has become so visible over the last year to both the football and gaming community. As we’ve highlighted before, Kluwe has received tech swag from companies before (like these headphones) and recently participated with several Vikings team members in playing Assassin’s Creed: Revelations against a bunch of Packer noobs. Truly, he is the chosen one bringing these walks of life together for the betterment of mankind. Or gamers. Whatever.

The only disturbing part of all of this, is that I found this bit of information on Daily Norseman, another Vikings blog. The disturbing part? This opening line:

  • Eventually, I’m just going to have to make a separate Kluwe category, but I still think this is sort of cool.

Too late, bros, I got four reader’s here who already can vouch for Purple Jesus Diaries’ starting “Warcraft Wednesdays.” There’s plenty of room on the Warcraft carriage if ya’ll want to ride though. #LongLiveWednesdays


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