Warcraft Wednesday: Getting Friendly with Tafoya

Here is a video of what I am assuming is an interview with Sunday Night Football analyst Michelle Tafoya and Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe BEFORE the Vikings played the Bears last Sunday Night Football. You can tell it’s before the game because Tafoya isn’t in her “game-day dress” so to speak, and Kluwe is smiling because he hasn’t seen the Vikings get cock slapped by the Bears yet. Although … he was probably still smiling afterwards, because who gives a shit.

Details on the interview after the jump:

  • Kluwe is pretty funny, per usual, particularly when he calls himself the ultimate disappointment to his mother. Jesus, I know what that’s about.
  • A lot of this is just rehashing over that recent Yahoo! Sports article, which is fine, because it was a good article.
  • I aso really enjoyed Tafoya’s wonderment over this, “computer game,” called World of Warcraft. When did you EVER have time to play it? With a wife and children no less?! AMAZING!
  • “I’ve been putting [the five references to Tripping Icarus] on the backburner, until we start winning more games …” … Haha, classic.
  • He looks like such a dirt bag with that Vikings stocking cap on. Gross.
  • Haha, UCLA sucks.
  • Tafoya? I’d smash.

Good stuff. Enjoy the interview and wish Warcraft well wishes because why not, right?


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