Warcraft Wednesdays: That High School Nerd That Now Makes More Money Than You, And We Love It

Yahoo! Sports had a new interview with Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, which was posted yesterday. I highly recommend you go over there, read it first, and then come back here to finish this post, but just in case you need an enticing paragraph to convince you to make a single click while on your computer, here you go:

  • “His mother, a doctor driven by fabulous degrees and academic accomplishment, saw great things for her oldest son. She imagined a mind humming with all the dazzling thoughts of the truly gifted. She saw awards and achievement and a planet grateful for his brain. She was sure he would want these things too, which is why she now sighs into the phone. “He could have found a cure for cancer,” Sandy Kluwe says, her voice rising then stopping abruptly with the tone of a mother resigned. “And he’s not,” she adds.”

Ok, go read it. Seriously. …. Done? Alright, get in here:

Uh, Chris Kluwe is awesome. My favorite part is he kind of tricked his wife into marrying him before she fully understood his video game lifestyle. Hahaha, classic move Kluwe!

To sum things up, here were my reactions upon reading this article from start to finish, presented to you in GIF form:


That is all. Nice work, punter!


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