2012 NFL Draft-or-Bust-Off: Early Season Mocks

Well, I got good news and bad news. The good news is that the Minnesota Vikings still suck and are picking third in the NFL draft. Barring getting ourselves Spielman’d, we’re going to end up with a pretty awesome player that’s going to be able to help immediately on this team, which means … five wins in 2012? SUCCESS! The bad news? All that #Blowing4Blackmon may have been in vain.

ProFootballWeekly.com has released an early mock draft, and for Vikings fans hoping to see a reincarnation of Randy Moss in purple will be disappointed. Currently, PFT has the mock draft falling Indianapolis picking Andrew Luck, then St. Louis picking Justin Blackmon. And the Vikings?

3. Minnesota Vikings
Matt Kalil* 

After Bryant McKinnie was sent packing, Charlie Johnson stepped into the starting lineup and servicably got through the season, but the chance to land a premium left tackle does not come along often, and Kalil can protect Christian Ponder’s blind side for years to come — a safe way for GM Rick Spielman to protect his investment in the team’s quarterback of the future.

*Insert Obama “Not Bad” face*

Despite the flash that is Blackmon, I am totally OK with this move. If the Vikings ended up with Kalil, that would be good news. Marcus Johnson’s fat ass could move inside and solidify a shaky Hutchinson (who might be cut anyway) or Hererra, if he’s even still around. Also? He’d be around for, like, ten years, which means one of the most important positions in football would be addressed by the Vikings with a hand-wave each off season, saying, “Oh, yeah, we’re good at left tackle, we have Kalil.” HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE??! Seriously, I never felt that way about McKinnie even though he was gifted that position because Brad Childress was lazy and bald.

The other benefit here is that the way PFT breaks down the mock draft so far, there are still PLENTY of good players that would be available at the top end of the second round, players that could potential even start for our shit squad. Specifically, I’m eyeing Alfonzo Dennard, CB from Nebraska, or even Alshon Jeffries, WR from South Carolina who reminds me of another Gamecock receiver the Vikings drafted in the second round.

Moral of the story? If the Vikings end up with Matt Kalil with the third pick, we’d be doing ourselves an unsexy but reliable favor, and likely positioning ourselves for success both later in the draft and for many years going forward. So much so, that it seems VERY un-Vikings like, which is exactly why it also won’t happen. Hahaha, we are hilarious!


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