2012 NFL Draft-or-Bust Off on Trevor Guyton

Welcome to the final edition of Purple Jesus Diaries’ 2012 NFL Draft-or-Bust Off where we cover all items related to the 2012 NFL Draft as pertains to the Minnesota Vikings. At this point in the year, we will continue reviewing this crop of draft picks. We’ve already looked at Matt Kalil, Harrison Smith, Josh Robinson, Jarius Wright, Rhett Ellison, Greg Childs, Robert Blanton, Blair Walsh, and Audie Cole. I can’t believe we still have one more player, but since there’s nothing else going on, let’s take a look at him. Meet the last pick the Vikings had in the 2012 draft, defensive end Trevor Guyton from California …

NAME! Trevor. I knew a guy named Trevor once. He was a total douche bag. He was talking to this girl after we were done working in the kitchen one night and she was totally trying to take him home and screw his brains out. She invited him over to her parents house while they were out of town to “watch a movie.” And the best line he could come up with was “give me your number, I’ll call ya some time.” I’m pretty sure he went home and beat it furiously. Therefore, I am skeptical that all Trevor’s are below average intelligence. Trevor Guyton may be different, but I will be withholding my praises until I see him perform on the field.

NICKNAME! Clever Trevor, T-Guy, McGuyton, Tractor Trevor, Heavy Treavy, and whatever else you can come up with in the comments.

GOOD! From NFL.com’s pre-combine analysis, which is super up to date, I’m sure!

Guyton is very quick off the ball and when maneuvering in tight spaces. He uses his hands well and has good technique. He is fast to the quarterback once in the backfield and can make disruptive plays early and often. He really sets the tempo off the ball and has the ability to quickly blow back linemen. He is excellent in pursuit in the open field, where his speed really shows up. He is a sure tackler who was around the ball often in his senior year.

I’m pretty quick when maneuvering in tight spaces too, but usually that falls into the BAD category upon my review. I also use my hands well and have good technique. On myself. I can also quickly blow linem …. Blow BY linemen. We’re cool.

BAD! More from the stellar NFL.com! If you can’t tell this whole time, I’ve been sarcastic about the greatness of their analysis but also too lazy to look anywhere else since it’s readily available to me:

Guyton could have value as a late-round pick given his collegiate history. He displayed a lot of traits of an early draft pick in his senior year, but his value is limited because of the short amount of time he has displayed it. Although teams understand Guyton’s being caught behind first-round picks Cameron Jordan and Tyson Alualu, they will wonder if he’s truly the player with the skills he displayed in his senior year, or just a pretender who showed up to play only once his draft status was on the line.

If he was really stuck behind these two guys, that’s got to be a bad sign. Because despite them being “first-round picks” I’d have to offer you a handy in a bet of whether or not I’ve ever heard of these guys, because I haven’t. Alualu? What is this, French Polynesia? Did he go to the Jaguars like two years ago? Have you ever heard of him since?

SO! Guyton is a seventh round pick. I have no idea what he’ll do. If he can even live up to an ounce of the potential others have seen in him, maybe we let Brian Robison walk in two years and hand the reigns over to Guyton. He couldn’t be any worse than what Ray Edwards was out there. And if he can actually tackle like they say he can, then that already makes him better than half of the rest of the defense. And he did sign a contract, so you’d think he’s sticking around on the roster long enough for the team to find out exactly what they have in him.

So let’s take a chance. And remember! Pat Williams went undrafted and may be one of the greatest Vikings ever, partially because he was so fat. Maybe Guyton could be that guy too, just thinner!


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