2012 Who Ya Gonna Draft? – Nick Toon

PJD is on vacation. During this time, we’ve decided we’ll take a quick look at potential Minnesota Vikings draft picks for the second or later rounds. With so many needs and so many draft picks to get this team back to a place where we can at least pretend they are respectable, we’ll have plenty of ground to cover. Let us know what you think of each prospect in the comments, and whether or not they’d be a good fit or impact player, and of course if you can think of a funny nickname for them.

Today, we look at Wisconsin wide receiver Nick Toon, who would rival Packer fans’ “KUUHHNNN” chant with the inevitable “TOOOOOOOOONNN.”

From ESPN’s draft analysis, which really should be written “analysis”:

Overall Football Traits

Production 2 2007: Redshirt. 2008: (12/0) – 17-257-15.1-1 2009: (13/11) – 54-805-14.9-4 2010: (9/7) – 36-459-12.8-3 Career (2008-’10) – 6 carries-34-5.7-0.
Height-Weight-Speed 2 “Above average height, weight and top-end speed. “
Durability 3 Missed three games with turf toe in 2010. Missed 2010 Iowa game with a thigh injury.
Intangibles 2 Father Al played receiver for the Jets from 1985-1992.

1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal

Wide Receiver Specific Traits

Separation Skills 2 Rounded off too many cuts and showed average burst out of breaks but a savvy and physical route runner. Set up breaks with footwork/head fakes and got defensive backs off balance on occasion. Sold initial route on double moves. Used hands well when corners tried to muscle him out of routes or slow him down at the line of scrimmage. Zone buster that located and settled into seams.
Ball Skills 2 Snatched ball with hands and doesn’t have to break stride to bring it in. Flashed above average sideline awareness and made an effort to get both feet in bounds at the collegiate level. Ball can drift away in space and vulnerable to trailing defender stripping it or ripping it out.
Big play ability 3 Didn’t show a second gear when tracking the ball but a long strider with enough speed to make the occasional play downfield. Strong runner that flashes an effective stiff arm and can pick up some yards after the catch but doesn’t have breakaway speed and didn’t shake many defenders in space.
Competitiveness 3 Not afraid to work the middle Hard nosed runner that can lower shoulder and pick up yards after contact. Not overpowering but an effective blocker that can lock up and sustain or cut the legs out from under defenders. Doesn’t run every route with the same sense of urgency.

1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal

We’ve touched on the Vikings needs for a receiver several times before. In thinking about why the Vikings would mayeb draft a player like Toon if he’s available, it’s helpful to look at what’s currently on the roster which, of course, is not much. Percy Harvin is our guaranteed-dynamic player, and Michael Jenkins is likely to stick around for another year or two as the “savvy veteran” whether or not he actually fits that bill. I actually like him, think he has nice hands (trust me), but clearly the team needs an upgrade. A true number one receiver would be fantastic, and that’s what the team will have to figure out if that’s what is available with Nick Toon. Obviously, his combine 40 speed will have a lot to do with his draft stock (that information should be out by now), and could propel him up draft boards. He’s currently ranked as ESPN’s 58th best player, which means he could potentially sneak into the top of the 3rd round if the Viking wanted to wait on him. Chances are he’ll go higher though, as skill position players tend to do so. Also, Toon has been impressively under-appreciated during college, consistently putting up some solid numbers throughout college without getting the recognition that others have. Wisconsin has been solid during his time there, and he’s been a pretty big reason for it. On top of this, he’s got great big-game experience, having played in two Rose Bowls and a Big Ten Championship game.

Unfortunately, I just don’t know if he’d be worth a high pick on for the Vikings, particularly considering that we’re still looking for our Randy Moss. … Wait a second … WE SHOULD SIGN RANDY MOSS!!! Nevermind. On another note, wouldn’t it be fun to steal a Wisconsin player that those fat humps loved and make them hate him now? I would enjoy that, quite a lot.

What say you?


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