Can You Find a Better Song that Mentions the Minnesota Vikings?

Some of you like rap music, some of you don’t. Frankly, I don’t give a shit either way. This isn’t a democratic website. I tell you about shit, and no one listens anyway, so there you go. As is, here I am telling you right now that I doubt you’ll ever be able to find a better song that includes a reference to the Minnesota Vikings than this following track from the DJ Muggs and GZA album “Grandmasters,” titled “Queens Gambit.” That just sounds like the name of a Vikings song, amirite?!


The Vikings reference pops up just after the 1:43 mark. I like the visual of Vikings playing chess, because it makes us sound cold, calculated, and smart, clearly the antithesis of what this team is currently. Consider it as something to aspire to! While this one is my personal favorite, I will give a good chunk of credit to this other song, which appears after the jump:

From the Outkast album “Big Boi and Dre Present … Outkast,” which is a compilation album including a handful of new songs including this one, “The Whole World.” The song references Randy Moss, just in passing. And even though it is more or less a throw away line – instead of a full song about football references like the GZA song – it’s still a pretty good one because Randy Moss is the quintessential Viking. The downside? The lyric comes from Killer Mike who is … God, just the worst.


The references pops up at the 2:29 mark, or so. It’d listen to it and then go find the other Outkast parts.

The other options that are available include the never-again-mentioned Prince song which was released in the past few years, and the official touchdown song, which is passable if not cheesy and shit, and not an actual song, so it doesn’t count. So if you do come across any other songs, leave them in the comments, but … again … I doubt you’ll be able to top my favorite reference. Regardless, have at it.


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