Fan-Made Vikings Logo: DEAR GOD IT’S BEAUTIFUL
Little known fact: I once dabbled in an Art History major during college (#humblebrag) and have always had an affinity for snob arts, because I secretly aspire to be a rich art collector like Thomas Crown so I can bang Renee Russo on a staircase. Hot. Because of this, when discussing all things concerning style, taste, and COOLNESS, you should always consult me. Obviously. Also, I just like things that look good, and sirs, I can tell you that this fan-made logo LOOKS GOOD.

This comes from a website called “Gridiron League” which, I’m assuming, is a fan made site dedicated to creating vintage and stylish looking NFL logos for all current (and even some former!) teams. They’re all pretty amazing. And, if you don’t know a lick about design or looking like a bauss instead of a dirty farmer, take my word for it! Details on it, and other NFC North team logos, after the jump:

There are several things to like about this fan-made logo:

  • Now, I may not be all touch with my wilderness side like some of you other beared yokels from Minnesota, but the impressionable cross in the middle of the logo is an obvious allusion to two canoe paddles, which I also believe is used in a similar logo for a lake, or the Boundary Waters, or Ely, or some other northern shit. Whatever it is, it looks awesome, because it also reminds people about a compass (further tying back to Minnesota north woods roots) and FUCKING SKULL AND BONES!!! Which is awesome.
  • The script has a classic Norse feel to it. I can’t quite place it, but it looks like stone engraving on a Viking sailor’s shield or something. Very nice, legible, solid, and timeless.
  • The compass theme continues obviously with the “M” and “V” above and below the canoe oars. I like it, but feel that something else could have been added. Mpls? StP? ’61 for year established? Don’t know, but I’m generally behind the idea here.
  • Most importantly, the use of white space here is brilliant. It evokes a sense of cold, silent, death for visitors coming into our hood. I WISH this team had that mentality behind it instead of the floppy circus gang they currently have. The white space speaks to the aloneness, the oppressive absence of others, and a sould crushing team about to gang bang your frozen rectum. YES!
  • And imagine how great this logo would be to use? On t-shirt it’d look fantastic. I’d probably even buy this as a decal and put on my car. It’d look respectable on hats, instead of the current Norseman logo we have and use. Even basing a jersey off of this would be amazing. You could do a Bills shoulder yoke jersey in purple with the same oppressive white space on the rest of the uniform, and just very discrete and small yellow piping along the pant leg for a tertiary color. ZOMG, IT’S AMAZEBALLZ!!

I love it. I want it, right now, and seeing this just makes me hate our current kindergarten-designed garbage even more. With a new stadium (hopefully) on the horizon, I also propose formally changing the logo and brand to follow this. WHO’S WITH ME??!!

For some of the other NFC North teams, see below. For the rest of the NFL, definitely check out Gridion League.


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