I Don’t Know, Something, Something, Stadium Issue, Etc.

As per status quo around here, I don’t know what is going on with the Minnesota Vikings stadium issue yet aside from the fact that IT ISN’T FUCKING BUILT YET. What I do know is that Roger Goodell came to Minnesota last week and was all like, “BUILD A STADIUM, PUSSIES,” and now the politicians in charge of approving funding are all jerking each other off under the table faster than the other guy (OR gal) to get this thing approved. Politics are weird.

There are plenty of reputable sources that have reported on the different committee hearings of this next round of stadium proposals, several of which can be found by the magic of a “Google Search” or by clicking the multitude of links in this paragraph. I’m not a SEO genius, but I do believe that adding several links early in a post helps the post get noticed, as does you clicking on them to go read those posts, and – quite frankly – I could really use the page views. Which is also why I am now writing in all caps NATALIE PORTMAN SEXY THONG LESBIANS PROBABLY. You wouldn’t believe how much that helps with page views. Honestly.

Back to the topic at hand. What you see above is a video that was released last week which touches on the idea of “Stadium Village,” which would include the new Vikings stadium (Sweet!) over by the area of Target Field and Target Center (Meh). The video is neat and post worthy because it gives you a fly-by view of the entire location. While there are clearly issues with the location (as we’ve discussed before; see – HOMELESS PEOPLE EW), we are now at the point where you file complaints under “Do not give a shit” and get a stadium built. And after the jump, I’ll show you what people like YOU have done to help push this stadium bill through …

Well, apparently you’re all grown men and women who take a Monday morning off from work to go to a impromptu support rally for the stadium at the Capitol dressed up in costume, who can’t cobble together a creative sign, or actually “rally” supporters to your cause. And god dammit, I love you all. Even that weird old Santa looking guy in the Kleinsasser jersey, the one dude who showed up in all yellow in the back left, and the man I am assuming is Diggz19 down in the front right with the horned helmet. He looks like a bad ass, and I love that about it. In fact, I even love the guy that spelt “Skolt” on the back of his #1 jersey. It’s people like you, all almost-50 of you, that make a stadium worthwhile. Forget the other millions in the state. Seriously. I hate those people. THIS is what it’s all about.

Let’s get it done, government! … Oh, and this is more just a reminder to myself … I need to contact them in the summer to request that federal tax law that will eventually be implemented which saves me $100+ be sent back to me. I could use that money. TO FINANCE A STADIUM. *BOOSH*


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