Jay Cutler Sings Like He Plays

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Our best sad faced quarterback in the division is get some heavy shit going on in his life right now. He’s get his lady friend Kristin Cavallari knocked up, they got a baby bro on the way, he still plays on a shitty Chicago Bears team, and he apparently cheers for the Chicago Cubs. BOOOO! So I can understand why his rendition here of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is so bro-ish. He’s busy, man! He’s thinking about some other things right now. Like singing lullabies to a bunch of drunken Cubs fans is high on his list right now. Not a chance, bro-sef. You better believe Cutty is training his frown, prepping his injury excuses, and thinking of ideas how he can get out of the house when his bundle of burden arrives soon. Also, thinking of baby names. Frowny McFronerton?


Also, baseball sucks. God I wish football was back.


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