Minnesota Vikings Draft Strategy REVEALED!

Finally, the Minnesota Vikings draft strategy has been unveiled, and not a moment too soon!

Haha, get it?! We’re just throwing darts! We have no fucking idea what we’re doing! Hahaha!

*Kills self*

Unfortunately, it looks like the arrow that the fat looking, mustachioed Zygi Wilf if throwing is aimed towards Matt Kalil or Justin Blackmon. Does that indicate anything? Does this cartoon give insight into the Vikings draft plans? PROBABLY! Either way, we know we’re screwed and we’ll have to give the draft pick back, since the suited Viking has a line violation by leaving his toe over the throwing line. MORON.

So, who is ready for tomorrow?!


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I once saw Paul Edinger kick a 56-yard field goal for the Minnesota Vikings against the Green Bay Packers to win a game in the Metrodome. It was exhilarating.