No Worries, Kyle Rudolph is Already Your Training Camp MVP
Great news! Remember how before training camp all you could talk about was how Purple Jesus was progressing in his rehab, or how Percy Harvin was primed to have a great year coming off his distractions and playing for a contract, or how second year quarterback Christian Ponder was going to take a big leap to lead the offense, or discussing rookie Matt Kalil solidifying the starting offensive line, or literally anything other than anything that had to do with Kyle Rudolph. Well, this might be either good or bad news. From Rotowire:

According to NFL Network’s Michelle Beisner, Kyle Rudolph has arguably been the “MVP” so far of Vikings training camp.

“From what I’m hearing inside, it’s Kyle Rudolph that might be the MVP of training camp,” Beisner reported. “They’re really impressed with him. What he’s done and his work ethic the last five days.”

Just checking, but … Am … Am I supposed to be excited about this? This is the best news we have coming out of training camp so far? That our tight end is the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER at Vikings training camp?

I think we’re in trouble, guys.
Now, don’t get me wrong. Rudolph has the potential to be pretty awesome still, and reports have indicated that him and Pondexter have been showing some nice chemistry. For a young quarterback like Shirtless McGee, having an outlet at tight end that is someone who can be as dynamic as Rudolph is a good thing. It will only help the offense and make the team better. I am excited for that! You know, to actually have a team that can do football stuff, instead of just throw the pigskin into the turf on 3rd and short!

The issue here really isn’t about Rudolph. I can’t stress that enough. THE ISSUE HERE ISN’T REALLY ABOUT KYLE RUDOLPH. It’s about our shit-astic team that our owner thinks is going to compete for a division title this year, and probably a really stupid reporter. It’s about our weak coaching staff that has been able to bring in seemingly talented players, only to not develop or use them properly throughout the season or in games. Further evidence can be found in the rest of this Michelle Beisner quote:

We already knew Rudolph was standing out as a receiver, but Beisner hinted he’s also held up as a blocker one-on-one against star SLB Chad Greenway. Assured of an every-down role, Rudolph is moving up Rotoworld’s tight end rankings

Jeeze, lady, wring your panties out already. It’s Chad Greenway. He tackles midfield, not behind the line. Toby Gerhart could probably go one-on-one with Chad Greenway and win. Antoine Winfield probably could, and he’s like almost decomposed into oil (god bless his soul). Your measuring the team’s MVP by their ability to block Chad Greenway in training camp? Either you suck medicine balls through a key hole or our team is in worse shape than I thought. Because apparently, almost a full week into training camp, the best player on the field according to this lady I shouldn’t be trusting anyway, is a second year tight end. Not Harvin. Not Pondexter. Not Jared Allen. Not even Chris Kluwe (which is bullshit). It’s Kyle Rudolph.

The next Tony Gonzalez and Rob Gronkowski all rolled up in one, apparently. CONSIDER ME EXCITE. And suicidal.


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