Sad Packer Fan: Truly Sad or Internet Trolling?


This is Casey. She is a rather unattractive Green Bay Packers fan. Maybe that’s just because she looks like Clay Matthews. She IS wearing a Clay Matthews jersey, and in addition to her equally long blond hair, the comparisons are obviously natural. This is a video of her crying hysterically after the Packers pulled the ultimate choke job against a mediocre New York Giants team in the playoffs this past Sunday, becoming the first 15-1 team to not win a playoff game. Suckers. Even the Minnesota Vikings at least had the decency to piss down their fans heart valves in the NFC Championship game!

Anyway, this video of Casey has been making the internet rounds the past 24-hours or so, and for good reason. We all love seeing Packer fans feel, sound, and look like shit, and Casey is certainly no exception. Her puffy cheeks, her snot nose, her high pitched horse neighing … It’s a thing of beauty! In fact … It’s almost TOO good, which is why I’m calling bullshit on this whole video.
Let me present to you MY UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE:

  1. She’s clearly sitting in the front seat, passenger side, with her friend who is questioning her by default then the driver. As the video goes on, you can see moving lights and indications that they are in a moving car. Sooo … her friend is just driving and video recording the retard’s melt down? That seems terribly irresponsible. I mean, I know these two are Packer fans and by default are inbred, but come on. I don’t buy it.
  2. She was debating between wearing a Clay Matthews jersey and an Aaron Rodgers jersey? What, was her Don Majkowski jersey in the laundry. GTFO.
  3. I’m pretty sure she also starts laughing at the end. She seems REALLLY broken up about this loss.
  4. It’s two women. Women don’t know anything about sports, obviously, and therefore could not have felt the emotion of a child being born with six fingers towards a playoff loss. It simply does not compute.
  5. Casey blamed the loss on the fact that she was wearing sparkly nail polish. PFFT! WOMEN, AMIRITE?!?
  6. They have already gone out of their way to promote themselves in the video’s comments. A link to both of your Twitter accounts, ladies? CONVENIENT.
  7. If you do go to Casey’s Twitter account (I wouldn’t recommend it …) she provides you with an admirably disgusting Duck Face that will make you want to commit homicide. Also, she’s studying to become a Sports Photographer. Oooohhhh, I see now. What, was “Physical Therapist” already taken by one of your muffin topped friends?

Conclusion? A BUNCH OF SMELLY BULLSHIT. Just admit that your were trying to do your best cry (inspired from the night your ex-boyfriend took your bra off in the back seat of his Ford), and hoped for internet fame all along. And then, admit that it fucking worked. *shoots self* I hate everything.

Well … Everything except that Packers loss on Sunday. HESHOOTSHESCORES!


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I once saw Paul Edinger kick a 56-yard field goal for the Minnesota Vikings against the Green Bay Packers to win a game in the Metrodome. It was exhilarating.