Spielman Shares NFL Draft Process; Chris Cook Says He’s a Martian

The Minnesota Vikings coaches are down in Mobile, ABABAMA this week to coach NFL Draft prospects at the Senior Bowl. God help all these prospective players, because they sure as shit aren’t learning anything this week. Despite this, the presence of Leslie Frazier and company at the Senior Bowl has provided some unique insight into the NFL Draft process. ESPN1500 has really taken advantage of this opportunity and spent a long time Tuesday interviewing Vikings GM Rick Spielman on the entire drafting task. They “put out” an interesting article that covered a lot of the steps, and provided some hilarious insights, as you can see in the title of this post. Also, Chris Cook clearly loves drugs. So alludes Rick Spielman (in the non-bolded text):

Do you check social media?

Oh yeah. We have our guys pull up all their facebooks, Twitter accounts, and there was a kid last year that his Facebook — you’ve got to be kidding me. He put this on Facebook? And he was a talented player.

What kinds of stuff?

Bad stuff.

What about tweets that are just weird? Chris Cook posted something awhile back at 2 a.m. that said, ‘I’m a Martian.’ Do you look at that?

Yeah. But again, you talk to these kids so much that we might address it at some point. ‘Hey, what the hell was that?’

More highlights after the jump. But if you really want to see how the entire draft process works for a team that can’t draft well, head over to the article and read the whole thing. It should take a good 45 minutes or so and dash any hopes you may have of a successful draft. Awesome!

Spielman also dropped a little info on what grabbed the team about Christian Ponder last year:

How important was Christian’s interview in the decision to draft him?

Very important. All of them are, (Jake) Locker, again, that decision, because you’re talking about the quarterback position, is so important that we spent, even though every one of the quarterbacks we talked to were great interviews, the kid from Nevada-Reno, (Colin) Kaepernick — we had a lot of very good interviews. But then we continued the process at the combine, we continued through to March and some of them we brought back for our Top 30 (event).”

What did you like in Christian’s interview?

The intelligence, the personality, again, just getting to know the kid. You knew his dad played for Florida State. You have it on the paper, but to hear the kid talk about his family and you can get a sense on, man, family is important to this kid. i don’t think any of you have any question that that’s his driving force. But you get all different, from A to Z, one end of the spectrum to the other.

What’s most troubling here is that it doesn’t appear the team asked Ponder ANYTHING about his success playing football without a shirt on. Pfft. Rookies. That’s the FIRST thing that should be asked, in an NFL player’s interview or in an interview of that hot college intern applying at your job, too.


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