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We Can Do Better Than This: A Playoff Spot is Definitely the Vikings’ Goal Next Season

A 9-6 record and a wildcard loss to the Green Bay Packers while having the reigning MVP in their roster? How could that even happen? The answer seems to lie in Minnesota’s defensive line. Even though the Vikings have football greats Allen Jared and Kevin Williams in their lineup, it is obviously still not on par with the best teams in the country. This is something that can be seen from the 24-10 trashing The Purple had in this year’s playoffs. A linebacker who plays on the right side of the field is another piece in the puzzle that the team needs to address, possibly in the next draft. QB Matt Cassel could also use another target aside from Greg Jennings to make the Vike’s passing game a little less predictable and more dynamic comparable to a well-engineered German car (BMW anyone?). Sounds like a lot of problems, but not really. If the Minnesota Vikings are able to fill the voids in their roster, they could definitely do more than a strong playoff push next tournament. A possible championship run? Maybe. Going to the post season is more realistic than competing in the Super Bowl. However, finishing lower than a playoff seed next year is a definite disappointment.

While 2012 NFL MVP Adrien Petersen recovers from a sports hernia, General Manager Rick Spielman and the board should now discuss their moves during the off-season. Having two first-round picks, the Vikings are bound to land at least one potential superstar in this year’s draft. Sylvester Williams and Cordarrelle Patterson are projected to be taken by Minnesota to bolster both their defense and offense. Williams is a solid linebacker from the North Carolina program and Patterson is a future all-star wide receiver from the University of Tennessee. With these two joining the roster, the Viking veterans have two new rookies to “baptize,” and probably additional players for their poker nights. Sylvester and Cordarrelle now have the task to polish their poker skills before the draft. They definitely wouldn’t want to lose against the regulars. They could even meet professional players like German prodigy Pius Heinz and Gus “The Great Dane” Hansen. The NFL draft may still be months away but their training camp to become better poker players starts now.

After a mediocre performance this year, an improved record next season is the least that the Minnesota Vikings can give to their fans. Going to the playoffs is surely the goal for the 2013-2014 campaign, hopefully followed up by a championship run in the next year or two. If Spielman plays his cards right in the draft and free agency, the Purple and Gold will be a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.


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I once saw Paul Edinger kick a 56-yard field goal for the Minnesota Vikings against the Green Bay Packers to win a game in the Metrodome. It was exhilarating.