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Seth Rogen is the Best Vikings Fan, Doesn’t Know Aaron Rodgers

Seth Rogen is a pretty decent comedian and actor, if you’re into his sort of humor. He’s been in classic comedies like the show “Freaks & Geeks”, he was in the underrated and short lived “Undeclared”, and has really hit the spot light starring in popular comedy movies like “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, “Knocked […]

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Vikings Temporary Home Just Totally Getting Torn Up Right Now

It seems like all it took were a couple of beers allowed to be sold on the premises last year, and now all of a sudden TCF Bank Stadium is just getting torn up this week. TCF Bank Stadium, the open-gapped stadium that is normally home to the Minnesota Golden Gophers college football team, is […]

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2014 Vikings Draft: Building Draft Board Priority

As the 2014 NFL Draft continues to draw near (finally!), we continue to break down the Vikings current team needs and idea on how to best turn this flaming turd train around. We’ve already taken some time to break down draft priority based on team position looking at offensive needs and defensive needs, and we’ll […]

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25 Questions About Matt Kalil’s Pizza Place

It was a only the most subtle of tweets from last week that brought this to our attention, but apparently, Minnesota Vikings left tackle is opening a pizza place: “

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Vikings to be Primetime Vagabonds Next Two Years

The Minnesota Vikings are stadium nomads this season and next season, as they finally escape their entombment in the Metrodome and build their new crystal Valhalla. Or something. That sounds suitably cheesy and “Target-Fieldy”, right? Either way, the Vikings have to get to play their next two seasons outside, under the bright lights, stars, and […]

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2014 Vikings Drat: Defensive Needs Assessment

We’re getting closer and closer to the NFL Draft, and outside of the uber-nerds who have already dissected the entire coaches tape of every prospect in the seventh round, the rest of us need to probably start paying attention to what’s going on with the Vikings, what their needs are, and who the potential new […]

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Vikings 2014 Preseason Schedule Loaded With Excitement!

On Wednesday, the NFL released details about the 2014 football schedule. Of course, the details they released weren’t really that specific, and they were only about the preseason. BUT! That limited information about football is still better than NO information about football, so we’ll take it. We’ll also break down the details for you. GAME […]

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2014 Vikings Draft: Offensive Needs Ass-Essment

It’s April 9th, which means the 2014 NFL Draft is OFFICIALLY less then a month away. That means something. Something like … I should start looking at draft picks? I feel like this is how Leslie Frazier and/or Rick Spielman usually prepares for the draft anyway, so I’m on schedule for sucking at this. Luckily, […]


Where We Photoshop Items Into the Vikings Cheerleader Tryouts

Over the past week, the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders have been having their open tryouts to see who will get to join the squad for the upcoming season. Will the cheerleader additions offer more quality impact than the additions to the team?! That remains to be seen. Maybe. Possibly, even. I wouldn’t be surprised. BUT, if […]

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Are the Vikings Angling to Draft Zach Mettenberger?

So far we haven’t talked too much about the Minnesota Vikings and the NFL draft, because there’s nothing worse than looking at mock draft in March. And then they went and moved the draft to May, and this whole nonsense-conversation became even WORSE. But just because draft talk 37 months before the actual draft happens […]

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Minnesota Nice or Not When Jared Allen Returns?

When the 2013 season ended, it was pretty apparent that the Minnesota Vikings were not interested in paying Jared Allen a high dollar amount to retain his services. And that’s fine. He’s an older guy, his production has been tapering off over the last couple of years, and the defense needed to get younger, not […]

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Linval Jospeh Finds Inspiration in Fat Pat Williams

Linval Jospeh, the Minnesota Vikings newest defensive tackle, is a big man. He’s listed as being 6’4″, 328 pounds, and that’s probably a lie. Do defensive tackles lie about their weight like girls do? If so, he’s got to AT LEAST be pushing like 600 then. But his size and presence in the middle is […]