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Ax Them All: 53-Man Roster Predictions

With the final preseason game in the books… I thought it best that I analyze the remaining roster members and offer the readers of PJD a prediction on the final 53-man roster for the Vikes. This year has been trickier than most – not knowing what exactly Zimmer is looking for, but I took my […]

Vikings Training Camp Access: Final Wrap-Up

While returning from a vacation down south, I couldn’t help myself in wandering back over to Vikings Training Camp for the final day in Mankato. Thursday was deemed “Fan Appreciation Day,” by the team. Halfway through the afternoon session, and an hour into the team practicing on the far-side field… I began wondering how much […]


Saturday Night Scrimmage

Why didn’t I read through last year’s “Family Fun Day” post before agreeing to cover this years? Haha… Actually the night scrimmage is a great chance to see some actual competition between the offense and defense. The crowd was just packed! People wandered looking for seats. Even 30 minutes early I had no chance of […]


Vikings Training Camp Access Day 2: Afternoon Session

I was surprised to learn a few short hours before practice started that Sunday afternoon would host the first full-padded practice for the Viking players. This made me even more eager to watch, because the guys seemed to have a spring in their steps having pads on for the first time in training camp. It […]


Vikings Training Camp – Walkthrough Day 2

Day 2 at Vikings Training Camp was a tad chilly and windy. The conditions weren’t ideal, but it gave me a chance to see all three quarterbacks’ throws as they zinged through the air. It looks like it’ll brighten up this afternoon and the guys might actually get their sweat on. The players trickled on […]


2014 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Access: Day 1.5

Good evening from Mankato! What a day! We went from heavy rain this morning to sunburnt arms this afternoon. Oh well! Let’s get into it! You know, for some reason I envisioned Mike Zimmer-run Vikings’ practices to be a bit more intense. It was a pretty low-key day for the most part. There were a […]

Camp Wrap-Up + Fan Mailbag

Camp Wrap-Up Conclusions: With the first preseason game in the books, my time covering Vikings training camp for PJD has come to an end. I did, however, promise one more wrap-up post… So what I've done is I've taken my observations throughout my week at camp and tied in how each player performed Friday night […]

What To Look For: Vikings Preseason Game 1 Edition

Happy Friday and even more importantly, Happy Vikings Gameday! Below is my insight and overall gut feelings as to what to expect and look for come tonight’s game and this 2013 season. Again, this is purely based off of what I observed during my time at training camp and my instincts/gut feelings. Take it for […]

2013 Minnesota Vikings Saturday Night Scrimmage

I found out the hard way that "Family Fun Day" at Vikings Training Camp isn't the most ideal day for coverage. Saturday was also scrimmage day for the fans. I attended both walk through and the nightly scrimmage. I'm not sure if it was record breaking, but I heard that nearly 12,000 people attended last […]

2013 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Access Day 4

I know… I know… right about now I should be live tweeting from training camp and writing up your updates from today's practice. Instead, today is Walkthrough Wednesday (or time to go back to work in layman terms). However, I did bear through the rain to catch some photos and highlights from Vikings' walkthrough early […]

2013 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Access Day 3

Welcome to Takeaway Tuesday! That's right, if you didn't hear, today I held a contest on my Twitter (which you should follow if you haven't by now @Cbrusoewriter), asking readers to predict which player(s) would have a takeaway  in today's practice.  After thinking we might not get one today, I'm happy to announce that Robert […]

2013 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Access Day 2

Hey everyone! After a nice day off down in the paradise of Northern Iowa, I'm back at it with Vikings Training Camp coverage. It was actually a pretty uneventful day, although I think that's more of a positive than negative. As always, I have compiled my notes and put together the noteworthy updates for you. […]

2013 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Access Day 1

Good Evening, I just wrapped up my first day of Vikings Training Camp after thinking I might not even make it because of food poisoning. However, I pulled through and have some updates for you! I find that posting them as I go is much more informative. So, if you're looking for my observations as […]

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2013 Vikings Training Camp Coverage – (For The Real Vikings Fan)

Hello PJD fans, followers, and lurkers. If you are a periodic reader of this site and my name seems unfamiliar to you right about now … let me introduce myself. No, I'm not the next "woman" to give my "view looking in." And no, I didn't hack my way into the system to take over […]