Packers vs. Vikings: Mushroom Stamp Winner

It feels fair that Matt Kalil deserves the poop award this week, right? Again, I didn’t bother watching this game because I’m an awful fan apparently, OR(!) the outcome was entirely predictable. Either way, as I review the box score and see that third year left tackle, top 10 NFL pick, and double chin fan […]

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PJD’s Week 12 Recap: No Blow Outs!

I didn’t actually watch this game. True story. It’s Packers vs. Vikings week, and I couldn’t really find much interest in it. What, do we beat the Packers to go to 5-6 on the season? I guess that would have piqued my interest a little bit, but probably not a ton. And it’s not like […]


Vikings vs. Bears: Mushroom Stamp Winner

I gotta give it to Josh Robinson this week, but really, it should be Norv Turner. The Vikings defense didn’t play AWFUL on Sunday. They played bad, certainly, not know the difference between getting off the field on third down and an asshole from a balloon knot. I don’t even know what that means, but […]

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PJD’s Week 11 Recap: Vikings Football Returned Unfortunately

In week 10 of the NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings had a bye week. That means, they didn’t play that week. You know what I did? I woke up early, was outside by like 10:00 AM, did a bunch of yard work, cleaning out my gutters for the impending snow storm that hit, raked a […]

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The Vikings Stadium Progress In Time Lapse

Have you been to the east side of downtown Minneapolis lately? If you haven’t I wouldn’t exactly blame you. What are you going to do down there besides kill time before a Vikings game? Visit Town Hall for an expensive in-house beer? Sure, I guess. But no one does that. The east side of downtown […]


Vikings 2014 Bye Week: A GIF Review

The Minnesota Vikings have just completed their 2014 Bye week and first, the good news … We didn’t lose! Also good news: As far as I know, no one has been arrested. Now, news may leak in six months that Jerick McKinnon beat his kid with a tree branch or something, I don’t know, but […]

A preview for the next three games on the schedule

The Minnesota Vikings are doing the best they can with major changes going on around them. Despite breaking in a new coach and franchise quarterback, as well as dealing with life without Adrian Peterson, they’re still 4-5 and could potentially turn their 2014 season around. With the NFC having a bit of a down year, […]

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What’s your favorite Adrian Peterson return newspaper headline?

So, as you MAYBE heard on Tuesday, Adrian Peterson enters a no contest plea in his charges about child abuse, and honestly, I don’t know what any of that means. I guess it means he avoids jail time, but I think it also means that “officially” his legal papers don’t mention anything about child abuse, […]


R-Words Vs. Vikings: Mushroom Stamp Winner

This week’s Mushroom Stamp of Approval winner is Captain Munnerlyn, CB for the Minnesota Vikings. But really, it goes to the entire defense. WHOA, WAIT. The entire defense? You mean the schlubs that gave up 26 points to a terrible Racists team? A team that had an injured quarterback starting, rusty, for the first time […]

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PJD’s Week 9 Recap: Just Play Second Halves

Just, take a second and hear me out here. WHAT IF … And I mean, just “what if”, Teddy Bridgewater only had to play the second half every game? The Minnesota Vikings went all Charles Dickens on the Washington R-Words on Sunday, telling the tale of two different halves during a full NFL game. For […]

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Anthony Barr Makes a Case for “Black Jesus Diaries”

Personally, I don’t think it has quite the same ring to it as “Purple Jesus Diaries”, but with Anthony Barr becoming such a defensive, young stud for the Vikings, and with Adrian Peterson preferring to only beat up young studs like his children, it would make more sense to name a Vikings blog after Anthony […]

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Adam Thielen Is a Big Bad Wolf For Halloween

For most people in America, Halloween is almost here. October 31st is a Friday this year, and for many it’s a one day event to celebrate the Day of the Dead, dress up in slutty costumes, and drink with excuses (as if they’re needed). For Vikings fans, we just call that frightful holiday “the NFL […]