Falcons vs. Vikings: Mushroom Stamp Winner

The winner is Teddy Bridgewater, OK? Teddy Bridgewater won this week’s Mushroom Stamp of Approval. And it’s not even close. Teddy Bridgewater entered his first NFL start not giving two shits. Cool as a cucumber, smiling his infectious smile the entire way, Bridgewater just went on to throw god damn darts all over the field, […]

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PJD’s Week 4 Recap: Bridgewater Boners

Listen, Imma do a Mushroom Stamp of Approval tomorrow for the greatest player of the game versus the Falcons, but we all know it’s going to be Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings quarterback and “Bringer of Boners.” And obviously, since Bridgewater’s debut lived up to an unbelieveable amount of hype, there is going to be lots […]

teddy bridgewater falcons 2014

Purple Jesus Diaries Masturbatory Week 4 Preview: Teddy Time

So the day is finally here. After three LOOOONNNGG games of watching the future of the Minnesota Vikings wait patiently, and professionally, on the sidelines this year, we finally get to see him suit up this Sunday when the Vikings face the Falcons. That’s right, we will finally get to see Christian Ponder wearing pads […]

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Vikings vs. Saints: List of Favorite Vikings

Well, a game in which you lose to the Saints because half your team dies with injuries isn’t exactly the kind of scenario you want to face when you go ahead and create your list of favorite Vikings players, but it’s where we find ourselves this week. Frankly, outside of the offense stalling out, there […]


Vikings vs. Saints: Mushroom Stamp Winner

In a game where the offense looked as flaccid as your manhood after a night of whiskey, we’re actually awarding this week’s Mushroom Stamp of Disapproval to Captain Munnerlyn. “WHOA, WAIT A SECOND YOU JERK-FACED VIKINGS FAN HATER, CAPTAIN MUNNERLYN HAD A PRETTY GOOD GAME!” Yes, he did. I am a reasonable enough person to […]

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PJD’s Week 3 Recap: We Learned Some Things!

Keeping in line with my revamped game review format, where I spread it across the length of the entire week, just like I do with your mom, I want to take this opening Monday post after the Saints game to put some things in perspective. First, I think we all felt pretty confident that the […]


Actin Cordial: Talking Vikings vs. Saints with Saints Nation

Misery loves company, right? Well, the New Orleans Saints are in a KIND of misery, one where they somehow have a worse record than the Vikings at 0-2, yet are probably – probably EASILY – a more talented team. But, just for a good laugh’s sake, what if they aren’t? I mean, what if they […]

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Mankato Restaurant’s Adrian Peterson Facebook Post Goes Awry

Today’s Game Day Special: “Wear your AP jersey in and you get to SPANK your server!!” Eeeeeeee. In light of the information we all know now, the Mankato restaurant – Weggy’s – probably regrets the post that one of their employees put up on their Facebook page on Sunday. The post, of course, has since […]

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Patriots vs. Vikings: Poetic Loser Haikus

One little known fact: A colorblind quarterback Is a bad QB. Leap, prance, chase and dash, A garden gnome kicked your ass. Cover him, dammit! Filed child negligence. You’re up, Matt Asiata! Pats: Don’t sleep on him. Thanks for the intel. Remember: Throw us some picks, We tag team Gisele. Oh shit, holy shit. Holy […]

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Where I Inappropriately Process the Adrian Peterson Debacle

Listen, this is some real bad news, OK? Probably one of my top-five all time favorite Vikings sounds like he’s got some SERIOUS mental problems. He whips kids up pretty good. I don’t know yet if it’s fair to say he “beats” kids, because that evokes imagery of closed fist punches to within an inch […]

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Patriots vs. Vikings: List of Favorite Vikings

Still basking in the glow of a forceful ass kicking by the Patriots on Sunday, I want to take a moment to revisit my list of favorite Vikings players. I vowed to start doing this after every game to see how long it would take for Teddy Bridgewater to get into the top five by […]