letroy guion

Former Viking Letroy Guion Apparently a Drug Lord

Last Tuesday night in Starke, Florida (Florida: Where only great things happen to you!), former Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle draft pick Letroy Guion was arrested. He was also charged with a couple of felonies. One was for a gun possession. Not great. The other was because of marijuana possession. Oh, haha, sure, I bet he […]

brett favre face

Brett Favre Says His Best Years Were As A Viking

As if things couldn’t get any WORSE for the Packers … Back in 2009, the Minnesota Vikings signed an aging Silver Fox of a quarterback named Brett Favre. Favre and his Snapchatting donger were last seen in New York, after having spent his career making a name for himself in Green Bay. Favre donned purple, […]

packer sad cakes

Packer Fans Still Super Sad About Losing

On Sunday we all watched as the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Basically, it was the AFC beating up on the NFC, even though the NFC was given oral sex from the media all year for having the hot, sexy, young quarterbacks in people like Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, […]

darrell bevell super bowl loss

Darrell Bevell Channels His Inner Viking, Loses Super Bowl

As the clock clicked 0:20 seconds left in the 2015 Super Bowl, Darrell Bevell watched as New England Patriots rookie safety Malcom Butler went to the ground after intercepting a Russell Wilson pass. The pass was from the New England one yard line. Seattle had two time outs left, and possibly the best active running […]

patriots seahawks super bowl

Who Should Vikings Fans Cheer For in the 2015 Super Bowl?

Hey! The NFL’s ultimate game – the SUPER BOWL! – is being played this weekend! And guess what? The Minnesota Vikings …. Well, they are not playing in it. They haven’t played in it for over 35 years. Or, for longer than the majority of you I would guess have been alive. I mean, think […]

matt asiata falcons 2014

2014 Vikings Review: Running Back Doldrums

Slowly but surely we are going to get through the positions and players of the 2014 Vikings and summarize just how good (or awful!) they were in 2014. With a final 7-9 record, you can bet that the aggregate results will be “mediocre.” However, you can bet your ass there were some areas that stuck out. Let’s remember […]

corey wootton sack dance

2014’s Top Minnesota Vikings Celebrations

The Minnesota Vikings put together a top list of player celebrations from 2014 recently, and assembled them all in a video. Firstly, that’s kind of cool. This is the quirky and fun stuff that other sports teams and leagues do all the time, and the NFL punches in the mouth with an iron fist usually. […]

2015 pro bowl sucks dick

A Review of the 2015 Pro Bowl

On Sunday the Gregorian calendar read “Sunday, January 25, 2015, Anno Domini.” On that day, at approximately 7:00 PM Central Time in the state of Arizona, a territory which was admitted to the union on February 14, 1912 to become a state in the United States of America, a competition of athleticism took place called […]

adrian peterson court

Why Does Adrian Peterson Have Such a Small TV in His Penthouse?

Adrian Peterson has had A YEAR. That includes “allegedly” beating his child, but then also apparently not paying taxes on this property under his name in Houston. BUT WHAT A PROPERTY!     Peterson’s Houston condo – which he either does or doesn’t live at when he’s not in Minnesota? I don’t really know and […]

packers are nerds

BREAKING: The Packers Are Full of Nerds

In a sport dominated by testosterone and frat-boy tendencies, the Green Bay Packers emerge as an outlier in the NFL landscape. No, not because they are the only NFL team to boast being owned by mentally challenged shareholders. No, not because the choke away NFC Championships in unparalleled fashion. No, not because the sexual orientation […]

sad packers player

Packers Help Break Tons of Records in Epic Loss

As we all gloriously saw on Sunday, the Green Bay Packers choked in epic, Vikings-like fashion against the Seattle Seahawks, losing the game as embarrassingly as a pimple faced virgin shooting his wad down her thighs for the first time. It was an all time classic. Like many of you, I sat there watching my […]

fuck the packers shirt

Fresh Packers-Hate Before Their Playoff Game

Hey! The Green Bay Packers play in the NFC Championship game this weekend. They have flown their cheese-plane off to Seattle, and have their head’s filled with thoughts of Super Bowl appearances and kicking some ass. Of course, none of that is going to happen this year, because this Packers team was gifted another week […]