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Captain Munnerlyn – “Miracle Baby” – Avoids Another Disaster

Captain Munnerlyn doesn’t officially know if he has a nickname or not. Captain Cum-Back, Captain Money, Captain Crunch, Skipper … All are potential nicknames for the newer Vikings cornerback, but none of them adequately capture the tough circumstances Munnerlyn has found himself throughout his entire life. That’s why he instead goes by “Miracle Baby.” You […]

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Brandon Marshall Must Be Joking that Cutler Can Win MVP

Preseason football is a great time for everyone. Training camp has started, preseason games are getting ready for this weekend, and everyone’s record is 0-0. No one sucks! No one has thrown an interception! No one has officially been declared roster dead weight yet, PONDER, and everyone thinks anyone can be a special player this […]

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Vikings Cheerleaders GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!

Training camp is in full swing, with several practices and scrimmages already occurring to everyone’s delight. But it’s not just the players who are getting prepped for the season. No way, the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders are at it too. And if you think that their preparations for the season are as simple as learning which […]

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So Teddy Bridgewater Signed a Sword

What do we call him now? King of the North? Teddy Stabwater? Lord Viking? So, Teddy Bridgewater signed a Vikings’ fans sword. At a Caribou Coffee. In Mankato, Minnesota. And the Caribou Coffee staff and the Minnesota Vikings staff all were cool with it, apparently. Yeah, I don’t know how this story gets any weirder. […]


Saturday Night Scrimmage

Why didn’t I read through last year’s “Family Fun Day” post before agreeing to cover this years? Haha… Actually the night scrimmage is a great chance to see some actual competition between the offense and defense. The crowd was just packed! People wandered looking for seats. Even 30 minutes early I had no chance of […]

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OMG, Adrian Peterson Really IS the Wolverine!

Remember when Adrian Peterson first learned about the Wolverine from Matt Kalil in the training room? Peterson learned about Logan’s healing factor, how he can come back from injury like no other and still be as fierce, if not fiercer. Adrian liked that idea so much that he made a custom Vikings “Wolverine” jersey, and […]

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You Won’t Believe the REAL Reason The Vikings Traded Percy Harvin

Since he hasn’t actually played in more then two games since being traded from the Minnesota Vikings to the Seattle SuperSeahawks, it’s easy to forget that Percy Harvin is a football player. Usually, a pretty good one, too. But his injury history, drug abuse history, temperamental history, fighting with coaches history, migraine history, and being […]

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You Ever Notice How Quarterbacks Throw Like This?!

“Yo, check this out! “You ever notice how black guys throw the football like this?” * Mocks taking a snap from a center* Drops back 5-steps with perfect footwork * The whole time keeps his head on a swivel * Checks his first receiving option * Checks his second receiving option * Checks his third […]


Vikings Training Camp Access Day 2: Afternoon Session

I was surprised to learn a few short hours before practice started that Sunday afternoon would host the first full-padded practice for the Viking players. This made me even more eager to watch, because the guys seemed to have a spring in their steps having pads on for the first time in training camp. It […]


Vikings Training Camp – Walkthrough Day 2

Day 2 at Vikings Training Camp was a tad chilly and windy. The conditions weren’t ideal, but it gave me a chance to see all three quarterbacks’ throws as they zinged through the air. It looks like it’ll brighten up this afternoon and the guys might actually get their sweat on. The players trickled on […]


2014 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Access: Day 1.5

Good evening from Mankato! What a day! We went from heavy rain this morning to sunburnt arms this afternoon. Oh well! Let’s get into it! You know, for some reason I envisioned Mike Zimmer-run Vikings’ practices to be a bit more intense. It was a pretty low-key day for the most part. There were a […]

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2014 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Access: Day 1

Once again, writer Cristy Brusoe is heading down to Vikings Training Camp for Purple Jesus Diaries to cover all the shenanigans. Here is her first report from Saturday morning practice … It was a wet, rainy morning at Vikings Training Camp. I made the two-hour trek down to Mankato early this morning to catch a […]

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LOLVikes 2014: Vikings Arrive at Training Camp

OH MAH GAWWDDD! FOOTBAAWWWL ISSS BACK! The Minnesota Vikings spent Thursday afternoon arriving in Mankato, Minnesota, for another year of training camp. All the expected rituals were present, including rookies getting shacked up in college dorm rooms they just left, veterans shaking their head at the pomp and circumstance of it all, and fat sweaty […]