2014 vikings training camp day 1 001

2014 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Access: Day 1

Once again, writer Cristy Brusoe is heading down to Vikings Training Camp for Purple Jesus Diaries to cover all the shenanigans. Here is her first report from Saturday morning practice … It was a wet, rainy morning at Vikings Training Camp. I made the two-hour trek down to Mankato early this morning to catch a […]

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LOLVikes 2014: Vikings Arrive at Training Camp

OH MAH GAWWDDD! FOOTBAAWWWL ISSS BACK! The Minnesota Vikings spent Thursday afternoon arriving in Mankato, Minnesota, for another year of training camp. All the expected rituals were present, including rookies getting shacked up in college dorm rooms they just left, veterans shaking their head at the pomp and circumstance of it all, and fat sweaty […]


VIKTOR the VIKING Packs His Bags for Mankato

Thursday is upon us, and Vikings training camp is near. Today, players start driving down to Mankato, Minnesota, for another training camp to start a season. It’s the best time of the year; everyone is 0-0 in their record, no one has been proven a bust of a player, and the coaches are the smartest […]

vikings defense camp 2014

2014 Vikings Training Camp Suck Off: Top 5 Topics on Defense

Feel that bulge in your pants? Yup, football is back! And before you pass out from all the blood rushing out of your head and into that saucy spot between your thighs, let’s take a deep breath and get you prepared for the season. As training camp opens for the Minnesota Vikings this Friday, we’re […]


2014 Vikings Training Camp Suck Off: Top 5 Topics on Offense

Get your mouths ready, Vikings fans. After what science has reported as 37 long months of non-football activities, the NFL finally returns – kind of – this Friday. Yes, annual training camp is upon us, and heading into the 2014 edition of this annual festivity, we have several questions that surround the team. What crap […]

Ex-Vikings Punter Supports Same-Sex Marriage

Vikings Hiding Mike Priefer Report in Place Kluwe Can’t Find

With real football activities beginning again in a week, it was nigh time for that ATTENTION WHORE Chris Kluwe to come back into the Vikings spotlight, stealing the conversation away from real football activities to his own selfish causes. Like sticking up for basic human rights for all people. And demanding respect. YOU’RE SO SELFISH […]

minnesota vikings timberwolves logo

Minnesota Vikings-Wolves Logo is Super Depressing

What’s worse than following a local team with the worst winning percentage over the last three years? How about following a local team that combines two of the worst local teams with awful winning percentages over the last three years? That’s what we get from this collection of NFL and NBA logo mock ups posted […]

black vikings uniforms

Once Your Go Black … Vikings Uniform Mocks from 2003

Remember 2003? Those were dark times in Minnesota. We had D’Wayne Bates as a receiver, and Hunter Goodwin caught four receptions that year. What were we thinking?! That was also the year where we started out 6-0, then crapped then bed and lost to the Cardinals in the final game of the season, on the […]

2014 vikings cheerleader calendar

2014 Vikings Cheerleader Calendar Showcases Huge Brainy Quotes

It seems like every year the Minnesota Vikings release a new Vikings Cheerleader calendar, and every year they fail to take our advice from previous seasons. “Hey, maybe the team should be throwing the Shirtless Vikings fans a bone every once in a while, and make a calendar featuring hot shirtless men?” You couldn’t print […]

everson griffen sad bears 2013

Minnesota Vikings: Worse Than the Twins and the Timberwolves

WHOA. WAIT A SECOND, YOU JERK. The Minnesota Vikings just made it to the playoffs like two years ago with a 10-6 team. The Minnesota Twins haven’t been relevant since Johan Santana, and the Minnesota Timberwolves haven’t EVER been relevant, right? So where does some jerky football blogger get off saying that the Vikings are […]

aaron rodgers vikings jersey

Packers Trolling Hits New Levels of Amazing

Remember how angry Packer fans got when Brett Favre wore purple and beat the living organs out of their team? It was amazing, and it was trolling of epic proportions, even though I frowned upon the entire endeavor. Regardless, imagine what that would look like NOW, five years later, but with Aaron Rodgers. Some sick […]

2014 nfl logo updates

Vikings Logo Redesign Honors Our Ancestral Killers

Hey! It’s NFL logo redesigns! We haven’t done one of these for a while. Generally, most NFL logo redesigns you see are a little shoddy. It’s typically someone who wants to toss out the history of the NFL and re-make every team to look like they play in Canada or the XFL, or it’s some […]

teddy bridgewater vikings may 2014

Norv Turner Says Teddy Bridgewater Can Make Every Throw

Despite making some experts nervous pre-draft with a poor Pro Day workout, Teddy Bridgewater is proving to the Minnesota Vikings that he can indeed make every NFL throw needed. Questions were raised about whether or not Teddy Bridgewater was worth a top draft pick in the 2014 draft, when he showed up at his Louisville […]

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Happy 4th of July to the GREATEST FANS IN AMERICA!!

Welcome to the SECOND GREATEST HOLIDAY DURING THE YEAR! Wait, what? Second greatest holiday? Well of course. Right after the first official Minnesota Vikings game of the year, a game in which they win, naturally. If they play the first game of the year and they lose, then I guess 4th of July is probably […]