vikings cheerleader kaylee

The Vikings Finally Win (Cheerleader of the Week)!

We did it! The Minnesota Vikings have finally won an award! We won Sports Illustrated’s (Cheerleader) of the Week award! One of our best players (cheerleaders, Kaylee) was recognized by a nationally renown and respected sports authority (dying sports media brand) in print and digital media for their level headed, in-depth, and consistent takes on […]

vikings black uniform alternates

Black Alternate Unis Suck, But This Kind of Sucks Less

Black alternate uniforms are the scourge of society. People think things in black are “scary” or “cool” or “it’s what the kids are Snapchatting about”, which basically means old white guys are just looking for ways to steal money from you because there is no way that any of this bullshit is aesthetically pleasing. And […]

adrian peterson training camp 2014

Why Are Minnesota Fans Running Adrian Peterson Out of Town?

Why are Minnesota Vikings fans running MVP-running back Adrian Peterson out of town? Or, why are stupid fucking morons always always joining the media in running the best talent a team has locally out of town because arm-chair fans think they know the truth about someone they’ve never met but instead have unfairly idolized and […]

Minnesota Vikings schedule preview

The first year of head coach Mike Zimmer’s Minnesota Vikings career was one I’m sure he’ll never forget. It was the first of likely two seasons in which the Vikings will play their home games at the University of Minnesota’s on-campus TCF Bank Stadium, while construction of the New Minnesota Stadium, slated to open in […]

adrian peterson kevin hart race

Why Is Adrian Peterson Foot-Racing Comedian Kevin Hart?

Of all the things to do when you’re suspended from the NFL. A couple of weeks ago, Adrian Peterson decided to race comedian Kevin Hart to a 40 yard dash in the streets of Austin, Texas at 1:00 AM in the morning. There is video of this happening (below), and apparently it was actually a […]

corey wootton sidelines vikings

Vikings Bench Sounds: Uncensored, But Not Really

The Vikings (and the NFL in general) have taken a pleasant turn this offseason as they have started putting team videos up on YouTube. This allows for NFL content on YouTube of higher quality, and also for people to share their product. What a novel idea! If you haven’t, check out the Vikings YouTube channel […]

joe webb playoffs

When Does the Vikings Playoff Drought End?

If you think about it, the Vikings aren’t THAT bad of a team. I mean, sure, they’ve never won a Super Bowl, but not many teams get to do that. Really, only one team wins the Super Bowl each year, and there have only been 49 total Super Bowls, which means … Well … I […]


Adrian Peterson vs. Jerick McKinnon – Who Hockey’s Better?

Last weekend, Minnesota Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon went to a Minnesota Wild hockey game. I have no idea why he would do something like this, nor why ANYONE would do something like this. Hockey is a fairly awful sport. There. Truth dropped. Whatever, McKinnon joined Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson as another player […]

Vikings Super Bowl Champs

Let’s Imagine If The Vikings Won the 2009 NFC Championship

Good Tuesday morning! Ready to have your heart ripped out through your anus? Let’s take a look at the 2009 NFC Champion Minnesota Vikings championship logo that never came to light because OH GOD WHY. Does that ruin your day? It should. It brings back all sorts of memories of Brett Favre’s penis, Percy Harvin’s […]

letroy guion

Former Viking Letroy Guion Apparently a Drug Lord

Last Tuesday night in Starke, Florida (Florida: Where only great things happen to you!), former Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle draft pick Letroy Guion was arrested. He was also charged with a couple of felonies. One was for a gun possession. Not great. The other was because of marijuana possession. Oh, haha, sure, I bet he […]

brett favre face

Brett Favre Says His Best Years Were As A Viking

As if things couldn’t get any WORSE for the Packers … Back in 2009, the Minnesota Vikings signed an aging Silver Fox of a quarterback named Brett Favre. Favre and his Snapchatting donger were last seen in New York, after having spent his career making a name for himself in Green Bay. Favre donned purple, […]