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Watch Jerrick McKinnon Kill Someone

You know, it’s too bad about Jerick McKinnon. I never would have taken the young man as a murderer, but … here we are, with video evidence. Worse than Ray Rice? I mean, Mother of Dragons. That number 23 or whoever that dead person is from the Bucs … I just feel sorry for him. […]


Vikings vs. Bucs: Mushroom Stamp Winner

The Vikings are a weird team this year. Last week, I wasn’t sure which forehead to smush with a poop-dick stamp because everyone on the team did pretty awful. This week? Well, as we covered in our recap yesterday, technically we won, but it’s like every single person just did a little bit of enough […]

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PJD’s Week 8 Recap: More Optimism Or Pessimism?

Ya see, on one hand, we won the game. But on the other hand? That was an AWFUL Tampa Bay team we almost lost to. In the end, the Minnesota Vikings pulled out a much needed win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, 19-13, thanks to a little extra overtime. It was the defense […]


On That Next Phase of the Percy Harvin Trade

Last Friday, Percy Harvin was traded. AGAIN. This time from the Seattle Seahawks to the New York Jets, and of course this is going to work out well for him, for sure. I mean, if you can’t get along with that pot smoking hippy Pete Carrol, then for sure you’re going to thrive with Geno […]


Vikings vs. Bills: Mushroom Stamp Winner

I’m blaming Chad Greenway for the loss to the Bills, but – as we mentioned yesterday – it literally could have been anyone and everyone on the team to take the blame this week. BUT NO. We choose Chad, and for multiple reasons. Hey, we get it. People like Chad Greenway, even though he’s a […]

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PJD’s Week 7 Recap: A return to classic Vikings form

So that was a real crappy game. Who are you suppose to be mad at in a game like this? The Vikings did everything they could with a lot of limitations (namely: they ain’t that good) and were in a position to win this game. Frankly, they should have won this game. Several times over. […]

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Acting Cordial: Talking Vikings vs. Bills with Buffalo Wins

Once again, in anticipation of a Vikings game that is likely to be underwhelming, Purple Jesus Diaries has pinged one of our Bloguin Bros to help us preview the upcoming game. This weekend, the purple head to Buffalo to face Antoine Winfield’s least favorite ex-girlfriend, and also a franchise just as morbid as the Vikings […]

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Two upcoming road games are must wins on the Vikings schedule

The Minnesota Vikings have had an interesting season. They came into the year with a rookie head coach and have since lost their star player, running back Adrian Peterson, to an off field legal issue and their starting quarterback, Matt Cassel, to a broken foot. Once Cassel went down, the Vikings needed to begin the […]


Lions vs. Vikings: Mushroom Stamp Winner

The entire damn offensive line sucked monkey chestnuts, so they ALL get a stamp. But, specifically, Matt Kalil, if I have to call just one person out. The Vikings are facing a serious issue this year. It’s not that their young, unproven defense is getting torched. They are actually kind of stout. Surprisingly. It’s not […]

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PJD’s Week 6 Recap: Collective Wet Farts

I don’t know about you, but that’s what that face says to me. On Sunday afternoon, under a lazy autumn sun on a lazy Sunday in Minnesota, the lazy Minnesota Vikings lazily jaunted through the motions of a fairly lazy football game, almost lulling the lazy Lions into lazy mistakes which could have let the […]

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Purple Jesus Diaries Masturbatory Week 6 Preview: Back To Form

My god. Doesn’t it feel like the Vikings haven’t played football in like A WEEK(plusadayorso)??! Playing on Thursday night is just the worst. Not only are teams (like the Vikings) forced to start Christian Ponder and then get their ass exploded like a whale’s blowhole, but then the fans have to sit through what is […]

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Vikings tickets 4% above average for Lions game

The Minnesota Vikings took a dip in Week 5, as they endured life without rookie franchise passer Teddy Bridgewater. It was a minor hiccup on the road to progress, however, as Bridgewater (ankle) declared himself 100% for Week 6 and should be ready to face the Detroit Lions. With Bridgewater back under center, the Vikes […]