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Vikings vs. Packers: List of Favorite Vikings

We’re officially into October, and I don’t hate everyone on the team yet! I will consider that a moral victory. Honestly, it’s hard to grade any of the Vikings after a debacle like we saw last Thursday night. Meaning, there really aren’t that many change ups in the rankings this week. However, it’s still important […]


Vikings vs. Packers: Mushroom Stamp Winner

Perhaps for the last time in his Vikings career, we gleefully smear a mushroom shaped poop stain all over Christian Ponder’s large, helmeted forehead, for nose diving the Minnesota Vikings in a game against the Packers. Listen, it’s easy to pile it on to Ponder. When he plays, it just seems obvious to try to […]

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PJD’s Week 5 Recap: Packers Win on the Short Bus

By “short bus” I of course meant a “short week”, being that we played last Thursday, which already feels like a million years ago, and holy crap do Thursday night games suck. Listen. You could lie to yourself all you wanted to last week, thinking that maybe the Vikings were going to let Teddy Bridgewater […]


Acting Cordial: Talking Vikings vs. Packers with Total Packers

We brought in some huge Packer assholes once again to discuss tonight’s Vikings / Packers tilt for our game preview. The douche bag who runs “Total Packers” was kind enough to answer some of our questions and – surprise! – he’s a total shit head. Anyway, let’s hope for a win tonight to shut his […]

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Where I Prep Teddy Bridgewater for a Packers Game

Hey Ted. Teddy. Can I call you Teddy? Cool. Hey, I know I’m probably the last guy you want to hear from right now. You’re probably busy running through some playbook scenarios in Madden 15 right now, tweaking the sliders on AI defense a bit, maybe even giving you a better “Awareness” rating, because shit […]

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Falcons vs. Vikings: List of Favorite Vikings

Dare I say it, but this 2014 Minnesota Vikings team is slowly starting to become likeable. Particularly when they win games that they aren’t supposed to be winning, but even when they lost against the Saints they had some characters that were redeemable. It’s odd, because for the last several years the Vikings by and […]


Falcons vs. Vikings: Mushroom Stamp Winner

The winner is Teddy Bridgewater, OK? Teddy Bridgewater won this week’s Mushroom Stamp of Approval. And it’s not even close. Teddy Bridgewater entered his first NFL start not giving two shits. Cool as a cucumber, smiling his infectious smile the entire way, Bridgewater just went on to throw god damn darts all over the field, […]

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PJD’s Week 4 Recap: Bridgewater Boners

Listen, Imma do a Mushroom Stamp of Approval tomorrow for the greatest player of the game versus the Falcons, but we all know it’s going to be Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings quarterback and “Bringer of Boners.” And obviously, since Bridgewater’s debut lived up to an unbelieveable amount of hype, there is going to be lots […]

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Purple Jesus Diaries Masturbatory Week 4 Preview: Teddy Time

So the day is finally here. After three LOOOONNNGG games of watching the future of the Minnesota Vikings wait patiently, and professionally, on the sidelines this year, we finally get to see him suit up this Sunday when the Vikings face the Falcons. That’s right, we will finally get to see Christian Ponder wearing pads […]

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Vikings vs. Saints: List of Favorite Vikings

Well, a game in which you lose to the Saints because half your team dies with injuries isn’t exactly the kind of scenario you want to face when you go ahead and create your list of favorite Vikings players, but it’s where we find ourselves this week. Frankly, outside of the offense stalling out, there […]