2014 vikings cheerleader calendar

2014 Vikings Cheerleader Calendar Showcases Huge Brainy Quotes

It seems like every year the Minnesota Vikings release a new Vikings Cheerleader calendar, and every year they fail to take our advice from previous seasons. “Hey, maybe the team should be throwing the Shirtless Vikings fans a bone every once in a while, and make a calendar featuring hot shirtless men?” You couldn’t print […]

everson griffen sad bears 2013

Minnesota Vikings: Worse Than the Twins and the Timberwolves

WHOA. WAIT A SECOND, YOU JERK. The Minnesota Vikings just made it to the playoffs like two years ago with a 10-6 team. The Minnesota Twins haven’t been relevant since Johan Santana, and the Minnesota Timberwolves haven’t EVER been relevant, right? So where does some jerky football blogger get off saying that the Vikings are […]

aaron rodgers vikings jersey

Packers Trolling Hits New Levels of Amazing

Remember how angry Packer fans got when Brett Favre wore purple and beat the living organs out of their team? It was amazing, and it was trolling of epic proportions, even though I frowned upon the entire endeavor. Regardless, imagine what that would look like NOW, five years later, but with Aaron Rodgers. Some sick […]

2014 nfl logo updates

Vikings Logo Redesign Honors Our Ancestral Killers

Hey! It’s NFL logo redesigns! We haven’t done one of these for a while. Generally, most NFL logo redesigns you see are a little shoddy. It’s typically someone who wants to toss out the history of the NFL and re-make every team to look like they play in Canada or the XFL, or it’s some […]

teddy bridgewater vikings may 2014

Norv Turner Says Teddy Bridgewater Can Make Every Throw

Despite making some experts nervous pre-draft with a poor Pro Day workout, Teddy Bridgewater is proving to the Minnesota Vikings that he can indeed make every NFL throw needed. Questions were raised about whether or not Teddy Bridgewater was worth a top draft pick in the 2014 draft, when he showed up at his Louisville […]

pjd 4th banner

Happy 4th of July to the GREATEST FANS IN AMERICA!!

Welcome to the SECOND GREATEST HOLIDAY DURING THE YEAR! Wait, what? Second greatest holiday? Well of course. Right after the first official Minnesota Vikings game of the year, a game in which they win, naturally. If they play the first game of the year and they lose, then I guess 4th of July is probably […]

i love big sacks shirt banner

Any Vikings Fans Love Big Sacks?

Is there anything better than watching a Minnesota Vikings game, and seeing just a huge, crushing sack? Just a sack that comes out of nowhere, hits someone right in the face, and drops ‘em low? That’s my favorite. Just a bunch of sweaty guys, looking for sacks. Chances are, that’s what your girlfriend likes about […]

the bridgewater building minneapolis

Bridgewater Making Himself at Home Already?

Teddy Bridgerwater has officially been a Minnesota Viking for just under two months, but it’s already been clear that the young quarterback has made an impact. Not just on the team, either. Sure, he’s been stellar in rookie mini-camps and the Vikings’ spring Organized Team Activities, but the on-field impact is just touching the surface. […]

biz markie culpepper jersey

Biz Markie Raps “Nobody Beats the Vikes”

Is that Biz Markie in a Daunte Culpepper jersey?! You bet your ass! While the lyrics over the image indicate this is from his chorus guest appearance on a Jay-Z song, it’s a lot more fun to imagine him singing a Vikings song to the tune of “Nobody Beats the Biz” … [Verse 1] Yes, […]

packers fans animal cruelty banner

Animal Cruelty Found in Wisconsin

ALERT: If you have the state of Wisconsin’s animal cruelty number, please list it in the comments and everyone call and report this awful, awful, Packers fan who is basically beating their dog. That’s right, we have photographic evidence of a Packers fan partaking in an act of animal cruelty, officially making them the worst […]

teddy bridgewater vikings may 2014 2

Watch Teddy Bridgewater Throw at OTAs and Minicamps

Want to see what the future of the Minnesota Vikings looks like? Watch this! Oh sweet Lord. Are you at full mast right now? Me too. Let’s talk about it. OH MAH GAWD. That deep ball right away at the 0:13 mark? The little shoulder twitch/fake to throw off the defender and then a quarterback […]

crazy vikings fans

Point / Counterpoint: Vocal Fans at Vikings Games

Welcome to Purple Jesus Diaries’ occasional series, Point/Counterpoint, where we tackle a controversial issue in the world of the Minnesota Vikings and their fans. We look to poll both sides of the debate to provide our readers with an unbiased opinion on the matter. Today, we debate where loud, raucus, “supportive” Vikings fans are truly […]

kevin williams dead

Did Kevin Williams Die in the Vikings Eyes?

Literally the day I posted an article about how the Minnesota Vikings had reached out to their former defensive tackle, Kevin Williams, to possibly re-sign with them, he pretty much announced he was going to sign with the Seattle Seahawks instead. And I ended up looking like a dog’s butthole. However, what’s worse; looking like […]