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Teddy Is Better Than Your ROY QB

After talking a bit about quarterbacks yesterday, I thought we’d chime back in and JUST focus on Vikings rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater, because it’s not fair to discuss him and Christian Ponder in the same post. Or, wait … DAMMIT I JUST DID IT AGAIN! Let’s start over. Vikings rookie QB, Teddy Bridgewater, is nominated […]

teddy bridgewater falcons 2014

2014 Vikings Review: Hot Quarterback Action

Slowly but surely we are going to get through the positions and players of the 2014 Vikings and summarize just how good (or awful!) they were in 2014. With a final 7-9 record, you can bet that the aggregate results will be “mediocre.” However, you can bet your ass there were some areas that stuck out. Let’s remember […]

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Guess We Just Have To Admit The Packers Are Super Good

Yesterday the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys, two of the most insufferable franchises in all of the history of sports ever, played in a playoff game. It was kind of like answering the question “What would you rather have happen, getting punched in the dick or having a finger inserted into your anus?” […]

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Oh, The Refs Screwed You in the Playoffs, Lions?

The NFL Playoffs are in full swing, and once again the Minnesota Vikings are not playing in them. Probably not that surprising. What was KIND of surprising was that the Detroit Lions were playing in the playoffs, and were playing kind of well all season. Right? I mean, the Lions are stupid. As we all […]


Vikings Sign 2 for futures contract, become immediate contenders

This week has been a busy week for the Minnesota Vikings, including cleaning out their lockers and not playing in the playoffs. Again. But that doesn’t mean everything is casual readings of Kerouac and hand holding sessions. Some people on the Vikings team actually have to work year-round. That includes the Minnesota front office, who […]

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How Bad Were Kevin Seifert’s Preseason Picks?

For those who remember, ESPN.com NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert use to be OUR Kevin Seifert. He worked with the Star Tribune for eight years (up until 2008) and then headed over to ESPN. His departure was way more depressing than Seth Jensen’s (remember him? Of course not), because Seifert was a local kind of […]

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Let’s Watch Teddy Bridgewater’s Gorgeous Bomb to Adam Thielen

Hey! Happy New Year! In 2015, the Vikings have neither won nor lost a game, so, basically, we’re the best ever. More than likely we are all super hung over to bring in the new year, which is just great news. Because of that, we’re going to take a little hiatus, a little holiday break, […]


Bears Vs. Vikings: Mushroom Stamp Winner

It’s finally here! The last poop stamp of the season. All year long, Vikings players (and some real shit-head coaches!) have fought over the opportunity to crowned with a brown smudge atop their foreheads. For some, it was a remarkable achievement. For others, it was an uneditable mark. Of poop. But, they deserved it. For […]

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PJD’s Week 17 Recap: Finishing Just Below Mediocre

Hurray, we beat the Bears! OK! We are not the worst in the division anymore! Uh, I guess we don’t suck as much as before? Yeah? That’s basically the summary of Week 17 for the Minnesota Vikings and their game against the Chicago Bears, as well as their 2014 season. We finally won a division […]

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Always Remember Jimmy Clausen Sucks

As we head into the last game of the season against the Chicago Bears, I just want people to remember one thing: Jimmy Clausen is a shit head. I mean, Jay Cutler is also a shit head, but his time as a Chicago Bear largely seems over and done with, even if he is playing […]

Affordable Tickets abound as Vikings host Bears in season finale

The Minnesota Vikings head into a Week 17 with a chance to improve to 7-9 with a win over NFC North rival Chicago. The Bears have had their own set of issues this season, so the Vikings will look to take advantage of that and finish Teddy Bridgewater’s rookie campaign on a high note. No […]


Merry Christmas 2014 from Purple Jesus Diaries

For seven years now (or so, give or take, depending on when you started counting), Purple Jesus Diaries has been wishing our 8 readers a Merry Christmas. I say 8 this year, because I think the average daily visitors has maybe gone up by 4, but also down by one because they really approve of […]