Actin Cordial: Talking Vikings vs. Saints with Saints Nation

Misery loves company, right? Well, the New Orleans Saints are in a KIND of misery, one where they somehow have a worse record than the Vikings at 0-2, yet are probably – probably EASILY – a more talented team. But, just for a good laugh’s sake, what if they aren’t? I mean, what if they […]

weggys fb post

Mankato Restaurant’s Adrian Peterson Facebook Post Goes Awry

Today’s Game Day Special: “Wear your AP jersey in and you get to SPANK your server!!” Eeeeeeee. In light of the information we all know now, the Mankato restaurant – Weggy’s – probably regrets the post that one of their employees put up on their Facebook page on Sunday. The post, of course, has since […]

matt cassel patriots haiku 2014

Patriots vs. Vikings: Poetic Loser Haikus

One little known fact: A colorblind quarterback Is a bad QB. Leap, prance, chase and dash, A garden gnome kicked your ass. Cover him, dammit! Filed child negligence. You’re up, Matt Asiata! Pats: Don’t sleep on him. Thanks for the intel. Remember: Throw us some picks, We tag team Gisele. Oh shit, holy shit. Holy […]

adrian peterson training camp 2014

Where I Inappropriately Process the Adrian Peterson Debacle

Listen, this is some real bad news, OK? Probably one of my top-five all time favorite Vikings sounds like he’s got some SERIOUS mental problems. He whips kids up pretty good. I don’t know yet if it’s fair to say he “beats” kids, because that evokes imagery of closed fist punches to within an inch […]

cordarrelle patterson patriots 2014

Patriots vs. Vikings: List of Favorite Vikings

Still basking in the glow of a forceful ass kicking by the Patriots on Sunday, I want to take a moment to revisit my list of favorite Vikings players. I vowed to start doing this after every game to see how long it would take for Teddy Bridgewater to get into the top five by […]


Patriots vs. Vikings: Mushroom Stamp Winner

This week’s Mushroom Stamp of Disapproval “winner” is none other than starting quarterback Matt Cassel. This, of course, shouldn’t be much of a surprise. You see, Matt Cassel played like complete shit against the Patriots on Sunday. He went 19/36 for 202 yards with a 5.6 pass average, and one touchdown. Yay! A touchdown! Oh, […]

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PJD’s Week 2 Recap: Whoopsie!

WELL, THIS IS AWKWARD. First, looks like I have to change the blog title, huh? Or can we just call Cordarrelle the second coming of Christ? I don’t know whatever. Beyond that, the Vikings lost to the Patriots 30-7 in a fairly obvious series of events that we probably should have all known was coming. […]

mike zimmer rams 2014

5 Things We Learned from the Vikings First Win of 2014

The Minnesota Vikings took a water pressure washer straight to the balloon knot of the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, 34-6. It was a good way to start off Head Coach Mike Zimmer’s career as the Vikings’ head honcho. He got a road win for a team that hadn’t won on the road since 2012, […]

vikings rams recap header 2014

PJD’s Week 1 Recap: Defense Ball Hard

I’m not going to go ahead and say that the Minnesota Vikings game against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday was a gimme or anything. No game in the NFL is a cake walk, and weird things can happen to the best teams. Look at the Patriots against the Dolphins. The Patriots somehow ended up […]

vikings rams header

Purple Jesus Diaries Masturbatory Week 1 Preview: 0-0

HIGH FIVE EVERYONE! WE DID IT! Think. For another 140-some odd days, you won’t have to worry about not having football in your life. Instead of salivating over young men running around in yoga shorts, or scrutinizing how great our team looks when playing two hand touch with our second stringers, we actually get to […]

fans steal metrodome seats

Vikings Least Douchbaggy, Kind of Sucky in Scientific Graph

Drew Magary has been running through every NFL team prior to the start of the season this week telling everyone how much and why their stupid team sucks over on Deadspin. But it wasn’t until he highlighted the R*dskins this week that we got a bit more insight into where the Vikings fall on the […]

minnesota vikings team photo

Reviewing the 2014 Vikings 53-Man Roster

Hey! We’re past Labor Day, and that means the summer doldrums are basically over, and all that non-football garbage can go straight to hell. Why? Because this is a GAME WEEK you stupid octopus. You now, by law, officially, all have to stop talking about baseball, NASCAR, hockey, loved ones, or whatever other stupid shit […]

vikings helmet draft board 2014

Ax Them All: 53-Man Roster Predictions

With the final preseason game in the books… I thought it best that I analyze the remaining roster members and offer the readers of PJD a prediction on the final 53-man roster for the Vikes. This year has been trickier than most – not knowing what exactly Zimmer is looking for, but I took my […]